• Draxiar

    I saw the coal story featured on Think Progress (and here of course) and unfortunately had difficulty replying there due to the way the comments are set up. So I’ll speak my peace here.

    I’m neutral about unions. I see the useful purpose of unions and working in construction I’ve seen the dark side of unions as well (in Massachusetts it’s a really dark side). It irritates me that unions often use bully tactics on other trade businesses to get their crybaby way. It inspires me that that unions don’t allow employers to stomp on their members (China could use some unions about now). It pisses me off that unions protect the lousy workers the same way they protect the good workers. I like that the demands of unions keeps businesses competitive.

    I’m not saying all unions or union members are bullies. Hell, my brother is the president of the teachers union in Massachusetts. If any profession needs a union to protect them, teachers certainly do. Alot of good has come by unions, but some of their tactics are deplorable (again, this doesn’t apply to all unions).

    This is only my experience. The construction locals may be more shrewd than others. I’m not sure.

    All that said, these coal workers should unionize and tell the owner to shove their extorted “donations” to Romney up his ass and demand to be paid time and a half for being forced to attend Romney’s appearance. The downside of this could be that the owner fires all of them and hires cheaper labor.

  • bphoon

    A really great take on Paul Ryan (from Jeff Cohen on Huffington Post):

    …Ryan should explain how someone who relied on Social Security Survivor Benefits, went to public high school, went to public university, worked for the government since graduation and inherited a fortune from a family business that built roads for the government is in any position to argue that government should have almost no role in the lives of American citizens.

    Read the whole article here

    • Brutlyhonest

      That paragraph elicits what we call a no-shitter around here.

  • bphoon

    Just a quick note: This is the kind of dipshit the good people of Kansas are sending to our legislature:


    Idiots like this already control the state House and are poised to take control of our state Senate. So, along with Sam Brownback in the governor’s office, they are drooling in anticipation of passing their whole agenda and forming a “conservative” Tea Party-type nirvana here in the middle of the country.

    I’ll let y’all know how that works out…{{shudder}}