Getting Tough On China

Again, while Mitt Romney continues to claim that President Obama has been soft on China, that simply isn't reflected by the record as it stands.

The WTO handed the Obama Administration another victory yesterday, denying China the right to impose additional duties on U.S. steel.

(Reuters) - The World Trade Organization barred China on Thursday from imposing duties on certain U.S. steel exports, siding with U.S. President Barack Obama in a dispute with Beijing over a type of steel made in two election battleground states.

The case involved duties imposed by China on "grain-oriented electrical steel," which is used in the cores of high-efficiency transformers, electric motors and generators. The steel is made by AK Steel Corp of Ohio and ATI Allegheny Ludlum of Pennsylvania. [...]

Obama has won WTO victories against Beijing in areas ranging from intellectual property rights to financial services to raw materials trade and has launched several other challenges, such as a case against Chinese export restrictions on rare earth materials.

At this point Romney's various links to outsourcing to China are well documented and well known.

He invested in Uniview, a company that produces surveillance equipment for the Chinese government. He also invested in firms that specialized in high-tech outsourcing. He also profited from an automotive parts marker that fired its entire unionized workforce and moved overseas after it received part of the bailout of the American automotive industry. And he "presided over" Bain's earliest entries into both Chinese and Russian high-finance.

Romney would like for you to believe that he had no knowledge of these investments because they're part of his "blind trust," which is managed by one of his attorneys, but if you actually believe that, it may be time for you to visit the optometrist yourself.

Earlier this month, the Obama administration imposed significant final duties on Chinese-made solar energy products to counteract their below-market prices.

Romney has absolutely no ground to stand on while claiming the president has been weak on trade relations.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Today Mitt announced his new effort to get tough on China: Either they start playing fair or he will stop moving American factories there.

  • hidflect

    I’m starting to smell the stink of desperatism in articles about Romney and Obama. “Romney lied here, Romney lied there..” Yeah, we know he’s a douche. But the reason he might win is because Obama was just a Republican-Lite. Maybe a loss will teach the Democrats to stop trying to be the Corporations’ shoe shine boy and hiring people like Geitner, Holder and Summers.

    • nicole

      Oh, fuck you!

      Firebagger/Emoprogville is ———–>> that way.

      Adding….And hey, jerkflect, learn to SPELL! “desperatism” isn’t even a damn word, and it’s “Geithner” not “Geitner”. Loser.

      • hidflect

        Your reply doesn’t sound desperate at all.. AT ALL.

        • nicole

          No, it isn’t and doesn’t. And still…….fuck you.

    • JMAshby


    • Victor_the_Crab

      You must have thought voting for Ralph Nader in 2000 was a good idea as well, huh retard?

      • nicole

        And this year he probably isn’t voting at all, cause, you know, he’s making a “political statement.

        Those not voting had better hope Romney loses, cause if not, they will never live it down. Not until every single damn conservative Supreme Court justice is out, maybe 50 years.

        I know I won’t forget or forgive this time.

      • hidflect

        I AM retarded. How did you know?

        • Victor_the_Crab

          Because you just are.

    • D_C_Wilson

      So, when the republicans claim that this election was a vindication of their economic ideas and impose their austerity plan on the country as they drag the Overton window even further to the right, this heralds in liberal government how?

    • muselet

      Per Anne Laurie at Balloon Juice, Even the progressive Cornel West is gonna vote for That Democrat in the White House.



    • bphoon

      So, maybe you can answer this question because none of your idiot compatriots have: If not Obama, then who? Who is your alternative, Mitt fucking Romney? Trust me, there isn’t any other. If you think a vote for Gary Johnson or someone will make a difference you’re more stupid than you sound.

      That being the case, and if you’re serious, then you must be willing to flush the country down the shitter to make some political point just like the Republicans are. And you’re calling who “Republican-lite”?

      • hidflect

        My compatriots are Progressives. That includes you (I presume). So are you calling yourself an idiot?

        • nicole

          Your compatriots are EMO Progressives. You know, the idiot contingent.

          You sure as hell aren’t our compatriot.

  • gescove

    The Nation has done outstanding journalism in exposing the details of the Delphi deal. Rmoney and other investors in hedge fund vultures like Elliot Management collectively pocketed in excess of a billion dollars. How? By quietly taking control of Delphi at fire-sale prices, then holding it hostage. Without Delphi, no GM. Without GM, no auto industry recovery. These greedy SOBs demanded ransom from the Treasury that ultimately amounted to $12.9 billion. In the process they closed US plants (re-opening them in China), terminated 25,000 union employees, gutted pensions, and eliminated employee health and life insurance benefits. And because the greed of the ultra-wealthy is apparently never satisfied, they are tossing millions into the effort to elect Rmoney. Mitt earned more than $15 million for his part in this treason. He and his ilk deserve the mob and the pitchfork.