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I Don’t Have a Tax Cut

Artist - Monte Wolverton

In other news, the NRA endorsed Todd Akin today.

It makes perfect sense for an organization responsible for thousands of deaths to endorse the "pro-life" candidate.

  • nicole

    I learned a lot here last night.

    Like who is only likely to be there through the good times.

    And who is really just a professional concern troll.

    And who thinks that the president owes it to them to make them feel good.

    Always good to know who sticks and who doesn’t.

    Just sayin’…..

  • mrbrink

    Anyone read the McCain campaign’s 2008 opposition research papers on Mitt Romney?

    Favorite highlight of mine, Page 136:

    Romney’s Background As CEO And Corporate Deal maker Seen As Influence On His Political Tactics

    Romney’s “Flip-Flops And Business Success” Are Connected Because “Abandoning Deeply Held Attitudes And Reversing Positions Are Job Requirements” For CEOs. “So, how are Romney’s flip-flops and business success connected? People suspect, perhaps correctly, that Romney really doesn’t believe all the things he’s saying. … [S]uch hypocrisy, which turns off voters, is something like a job requirement for CEOs. In the executive suite, abandoning deeply held attitudes and reversing positions are job requirements. How often have you seen a CEO proclaim that a struggling unit is not for sale, only to put it on the block a few months later? A CEO will praise a product to the skies one day and then cancel it the next. He’ll boast, sincerely, that his company is No. 1 in the industry and then, when he quits the next day to run a rival, claim that the new firm is tops.”(Daniel Gross, “The CEO Candidate,” Slate 2/26/0)

    Good CEOs … Devise New Business Strategies And Business Plans To Cope With Changing Market Conditions. “These business flips are fine, because in the corporate world, people don’t confuse advocacy of a company’s strategy or products and services with personal honor or integrity. … Good CEOs don’t simply stakeout public positions and stick to them for 20 years. They devise new business strategies and business plans to cope with changing market conditions.” (Daniel Gross, “The CEO Candidate,” Slate 2/26/07)

    Romney “Doesn’t Run In Elections, He Competes In Markets.“It is clear that Romney approaches politics not as a crusade but as a business case study. He doesn’t run in elections, he competes in markets. In 1994, the former management consultant knew his market. … Today, Romney correctly recognizes that what is appropriate for one market (Massachusetts voters) clearly is not appropriate for another market (Republican-primary voters).”(Daniel Gross, “The CEO Candidate,” Slate2/26/07)

    As CEO, Romney “Insisted On Having Almost Dictatorial Powers. … That Was Essential. “The Boston-based venture capitalist likes to be in control. ‘(At SLOC) I don’t have the kind of control I’m used to in the business world,’ he said. ‘When I was involved in (the resurrection of the beleaguered international firm Bain Consulting), I insisted on having almost dictatorial powers. … That was essential.’”(Lisa Riley Roche, “Mitt Exemplifies The New Openness Sought For SLOC,” Deseret News 2/12/99)

    Oh yeah.

    Also- Former Business Colleague Said Romney Possessed “Ability To Identify People’s Insecurities And Exploit Them To His Own Benefit.” “[S]ome colleagues found Romney to be manipulative. Romney had an‘ability to identify people’s insecurities and exploit them to his own benefit,’ says a source who worked with Romney but refused to be quoted for ‘fear of retribution.’ This source says that Romney would vary bonuses among his partners just enough to put people on edge, giving $3.1 million to one, $3 million to another and $2.9million to another.” (Evan Thomas et al, “Is Mitt Romney Ready For Prime-Time Politics?”
    Newsweek 4/16/07)

    That’s so Bain Romney! What sort of insecurities must he have played against the president and undecided voters and even avid supporters of his in the last debate?

    Suckers. Republicans and Mitt Romney have been driving down the value of America– the value of this president– to buy it all up cheap, cheap. Don’t you fall for it. You see Mitt Romney at a state fair and he’s bickering with people and condescending, corporations are people, my friend!” You see president Obama stopping and having a 10 minute conversation with Joe The Plumber. The difference is right there.

    • missliberties

      We know that. But why didn’t Obama make that contrast when he had the chance?

      Nice guys finish last.

      • mrbrink

        The contrasts are self-evident. There is a record that speaks for itself, a photographic trail of a president that acts and speaks for all of the people. Women, children, the elderly, minorities, even those gun and Bible-clingers. The president shows more hope and faith in more people, around the world, while Mitt Romney speaks for no one, and nothing.

        Mitt Romney is not going to be elected president for the reasons listed above and above that.

        The 7-11 cups say so.

  • Stubbhead

    Well, I don’t read the cable news. And, I appreciate Bob’s “Obama is a Ninja” perspective, but, I will need another week or two of Nate Silver before I will not see the President’s performance as horrid. And, my perception is based upon my personal viewing. My sad, bewildered, dismayed, horrified personal viewing.

    • missliberties

      I do NOT want to hear one more word about how this campaign is about me, or about ‘you’.

      NO Obama. For once this campaign was about YOU, Barack. And you failed us.

      Can we recover? You see how Team Mitt runs with any perceived ‘gaffe’, such as you didn’t built that or whatever and then steamrolls it for weeks on end.

      Obama this is about YOU. Your loudership for us, not the other way around.

      It is pretty freaking upsetting.

  • missliberties

    If you know anyone inside the campaign…… can you please remind them that Obama needs to point out the crazy, but also needs to INSPIRE US.

    Romney is working on a more inspiring message, (lying or no) while Obama is now scrambling for a message.

    No matter how much it sucks for us, Team Romney has done a pretty amazing job of switching the roles here.

    He is making Obama look petty.

    Obama needs to get in touch with himself again, and inspire us to vote for him.

    • JMAshby

      To be honest, that sounds like a personal problem.

      The president is not scrambling for a message. He’s had the same consistent message since 2008.

      • missliberties

        That’s fair.

        I had a temporary freak out.

        Thanks for bring me back down to earth.

        • JMAshby

          My advice: turn off the cable news. It’s bad for you.

          • missliberties

            You can’t ignore that the GOP was ready to abandon Romney. The hedge funds were throwing their hands up and saying, that’s it. Obama is going to win.

            If Obama’s message has been consistent, he forgot to bring that up during the debate.

            Obama single handedly undid his momentum for the time being.

            We are still saying the same things, but perception has competely changed.

            Sorry that is just the way it is.

            Plus the coattails for the Senate and the House just got dragged through the mud, because Obama is black and couldn’t speak up.

            People do NOT like people that look weak.

  • mrbrink

    The NRA is so full of shit. Good God, man.

    My older brother was visiting over the summer and he’s a professional bow-hunter. Not wingnutty, but calls himself Republican and votes that way. When I told him that under president Obama, he can now carry a gun in national parks, he had no idea. He said, “if that’s true, that would be a huge deal” for him and fellow 2nd amendment cultists/enthusiasts, due to the fact that he takes people out on private tours scouting the best spots for elk, and if he’s allowed to pass through national parks with guns, it would save him the inconvenience from having to frequently work around them to get to legally sanctioned areas for hunting and carrying.

    Of course, he’s a member of the NRA.

    This Barack Obama they speak of, I do not think he is who they say he is.

    • obamalover999

      I agree. Obama has expanded gun rights, while Romney has a record of restricting gun rights. I do not understand how the NRA and other groups do not see this.