Idiot Quote of the Day

"You are seeing now the press, which contains many reflexive defenders of Obama — many throne sniffers who instinctively suck up to power — you are seeing them try to dismiss this as old news." -Tucker Carlson on his latest Nothingburger

Maybe they're dismissing it as old news because -- wait for it -- it is! Eureka!

Because it's already been on the internet for five years and Carlson himself covered it in 2007.

To say the press contains many "reflexive defenders of Obama" is preposterous. In reality a Pew Research Center study conducted earlier this year found that coverage of the president had been overwhelmingly negative leading up to and through the Republican primary season. If the press actually did include many "defenders of Obama" the race wouldn't even be close.

Now I'm not saying Carlson is a spoiled, douchey, fratboy manchild, but, well, actually I am.

  • D_C_Wilson
  • Victor_the_Crab

    You forgot “soiled diaper-baby”, Ash.

  • D_C_Wilson

    The wingnuts have convinced themselves that if they keep rehashing Obama’s past, they’ll finally uncover that one nugget of dirt that will convince intelligent Americans that he’s a pinko commie racist atheist Muslim Manchurian Black Panther Reparations seeking angry radical socialist candidate.

    That strategy might have worked in 2008, but now, the American people have had nearly four years to evaluate Obama’s job performance. The odd thing is, with a weak economy, congressional gridlock, and lots of uncertainty on the international stage, Obama would be vulnerable to a well thought out plan attacking his record.

    But Fox and the rest of the wingnut media can’t get past the fact the American somehow elected a black guy with a Muslim-sounding name. They keep trying to dig up dirt from the past when the American people want to know where we’re going in the future.

  • BenAu

    My 3-year-old daughter has a similar penchant for denying reality and trying to convince me of her own – especially when she can’t have what she wants.

    I’m confident, however, that my daughter will grow out of it…it’s too late for Carlson.

  • rob black

    God, it will be nice in a couple of months when these people (Carlson, Coulter et al) descend back into the ooze of obscurity they so richly deserve to inhabit.
    Shouldn’t we be hearing some stupid shit from say …Dennis Miller?..or some other washed up, psuedo intellectual, faux celebrity idiot about now?…oh wait..George Will has a new column….
    Watching his smarmy smirking face makes me envision a bow tie perched precariously on the end of my boot….just before my boot disappears 2 feet up his undeservedly privileged ass. Frat boy was when “Tucker” (he should be punched for that first name alone)…. “Peter Principled” out…..

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    “Now I’m not saying Carlson is a spoiled, douchey, fratboy manchild, but, well, actually I am.”

    Perhaps, JM, but Tucker may have other issues, such as being a throne sniffer, for example. Or some sort of sniffer.

    • JMAshby

      I’ll go with some other sort of sniffer.