Lance Armstrong Stripped of All Cycling Victories

Whatever you might think of Armstrong and whether he used drugs, this persecution by the USADA is a gross injustice.

So who officially "won" those races now?

Jan Ullrich gets three of those Tour de France titles. Yes, Jan Ullrich who was booted out of cycling for doping. Ivan Basso gets the 2005 Tour victory. Basso was suspended in 2006 for doping. Guess who gets Armstrong's 2002 Criterium du Dauphine victory? Floyd Landis, who was stripped of the 2006 Tour victory for doping and has since famously admitted to doping for much of the early 2000s.

There are more, but you get the idea.

To repeat, if the USADA is going to prosecute and re-litigate one athlete's results from five, ten or 15 years ago, even though he's already been exonerated by negative doping tests and multiple other investigations, and if they're going to use these shoddy investigative methods, they need to do it to every American athlete irrespective of the sport. Otherwise it's nothing more that a witch hunt against one man. That's not justice.

(h/t The Law Office of Maria Aspiazu)

  • John Johnson

    Massive witch hunt.
    I did not even know we had the USADA before this incident.
    That said, it should be dissolved as a useless waste of money and crazy people.

    Lance didn’t test positive.
    Lance kicked bikings ass.
    Lance kicked cancers ass.

    Attack the man WTF.

  • Jimmy Abraham

    But he is a “witch” so it is pointless for those trying to defend him on doping or that the USADA was “wrong” to go after him. It reminds me of people defending Paterno. Also, negative doping tests do not exonerate you, full stop. I say the USADA had every right and purpose to go after him as they did. Now they can move on to other witches. Lance will need to fess up, especially if he wants to make money on a book…Fessing up is the only way he can become relevant again.

  • montevideo3

    So it’s OK for UCI to call out Floyd Landis as a wheel among many in 2006 but not OK for USADA to call out Lance in 2012 as leader of the whole charade. And then there’s these May 21, 2010 words of yours, Bob, for you to now choke on:

    “Meanwhile, there’s nothing about Hincapie’s, Levi’s or Zabriskie’s riding style that suggests they’re doping. …
    These other riders have class. Floyd has inexplicably decided to put his utter absence of veracity up against the classiest, most popular riders in the world today. Good luck with that, Floyd. And in his desperation, he’ll further besmirch the reputation of the sport that gave him so much. Smart guy.”

    As it turns out, Floyd was a brave guy, leaving the ‘Don’t Cross Lance’ party early and alone, long before those named above faced themselves, the truth and the system as a group. It sounds like you are still at that party, along with UCI and the sad remaining few still clutching the PR talking points. Good luck with that, Bob. And who, in the end are the ones with the utter absence of veracity?

    Intimidating and systematizing, not just young pro hopefuls, but nearly all pro hopefuls into doping for an entire generation of a top level sport is really something you should think about before blogging about with such snide judgement. This is what USADA is so ‘witch-hunty’ about.

  • missliberties

    It does seem completely idiotic to strip a guy of his wins for doping and hand the title to the other guy who was also doping.

  • missliberties

    The culture of winning at all costs.

  • atlavely

    And who remakes all the miles of film of the victories?

  • nicole

    Bob is no fanboy of Armstrong. He just feels that there is a witch hunt on.

    And, there isn’t one person here who can say definitively that there hasn’t been a witch hunt.

    • Jimmy Abraham

      A witch hunt in only “bad” if those being prosecuted are not witches. Lance is a “witch.”

  • Clancy

    Bob has hardly been a “fan boy” with respect to Armstrong over the years. I recall that Armstrong once even blocked him on Twitter for fairly innocuous criticism Bob tossed his direction. Previously, Bob seems to have been of the opinion (at least of late) that Armstrong “cheated” and was being persecuted (unfairly singled out for said cheating). The two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

    Rather than blind adoration, the gist of this post seems to be that it seems rather nuts to strip the titles from Armstrong if you’re only going to award them to (other) notorious dopers. What’s the point? Unless, it was to make an example of Armstrong because he decided to stick to the fiction that he wasn’t taking PEDs and engaging in other performance-enhancing techniques of dubious legality?

    Perhaps the best solution is to simply vacate the various titles, as the NCAA does when it finds (in retrospect) that a National Champion seriously violated rules?

    • nicole

      “I recall that Armstrong once even blocked him on Twitter for fairly innocuous criticism Bob tossed his direction.”

      Yep. I remember that.

  • Mike Huben

    The bias is so strong, that it makes me start to doubt your liberal cheerleading which I enjoy so much and hope is accurate.

    Lance has received his justice. If others benefit from this while they were also doping, then that is simply further injustice which should be dealt with.

    • nicole

      “The bias is so strong, that it makes me start to doubt your liberal cheerleading which I enjoy so much and hope is accurate.”

      A statement utterly without merit.

      • Janet ODell

        You come across as a true DIMWIT, Nicole. You treat Bob as your 5 yr old son. Is he not capable of defending himself??

        • nicole

          STFU, Janet. You’re making me yawn.

          • Michael Norris

            I guess we won’t be seeing Janet on here anymore. Oh well…

        • Bob Cesca

          You’re on shaky ground, Janet. Either holster the personal attacks or you’ll be banned.

          • Janet ODell

            Fuck yourself Bob. You are nobody to me.

          • Clancy

            Then why do you keep coming back here? Seriously, you might need to back away from the computer for a while and calm down. You’re losing it over an absolutely nothing burger of a topic.

          • nicole
  • Adrian Marcato

    Bob, you just don’t get it. Sigh.

    Since you’re a cycling fan, that’s a surprise.

    It’s pretty simple, cyclists had/have the opportunity with USADA to tell the truth and not suffer drastic penalties – and Lance Armstrong REFUSED.

    Just ask Hincapie and the other Posties who told the truth how that refusal is now working out for Armstrong.

    Suggestion, read the USADA RD, the appendices and supporting materials. It’s over 1,000 pages but by the time you finish you’ll finally get to pull your head out of the sand and see the light.

  • Janet ODell

    Amen, Terry. Lance Armstrong is probably the biggest fraud to ever grace the sports scene. Anyone who refuses to give up their little boy adoration of this jerk is just plain stupid.

  • Janet ODell

    Seriously Bob, give it up. Armstrong is despised here in Texas, especially in Austin. For you to continue your adoration of this pathetic, disgusting, fraud doesn’t speak well of you and your morals.

    • Bob Cesca

      Cut the shit. I have no adoration for Lance Armstrong. This is about justice, fairness and the Constitution.

    • nicole

      Who gives a flying rat’s ass who or what is “despised here in Texas”??

      Not the rest of the country.

      Maybe you should grow the fuck up and understand that things are not necessarily always what they seem.

      As to Bob’s morals, I’d have to say that he is a very moral person.

      • Janet ODell

        When will you begin to grow some brain cells of your own Nicole? Bob should be embarrassed by your constant ass-kissing. You have not one intelligent thought of your own.

        • nicole

          Oh get over yourself, Janet.

          As I recall, the last time you indulged in one of your snit fits, you got your ass thoroughly kicked. YOU should be embarrassed to show your face.

          • Janet ODell

            yea, Mommie Nicole kicked my ass. Bob should be thoroughly embarrassed by having his Mommie Nicole run around behind him wiping his nose constantly. You have no mind of your own Nicole. The best you can do is retweet others tweets.

      • John Johnson

        I’ve never been, but I assume I’m also hated in Texas along with most non-Texans and some Texans.

        Texas is not relevant to other parts of the country.
        They live in their own fantasy land version of history.

    • Jeremy Grunloh

      Oh, geezus. “Disgusting fraud”? Questioning Bob’s morals? Blow it out your ass.

    • mrbrink

      Texas style justice executes retarded people. And your whole attitude reads like a rotten fruit thrower at a public beheading.

  • Terry Maguire

    um, not titles will be awarded.

    face it, dude. he cheated. he was very good at it. he is great cyclist. but, he cheated. don’t let fandom get in the way of your blog.

    he is a victim of getting caught.

  • muselet

    John Cole shares your disgust:

    “I eagerly await the ten year long vendetta the anti-doping agencies will now wage on the folks who just “magically” won the Tour today now that Armstrong’s medals have been vacated. Again.”