Election 2012

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

The president appears to be pulling away in Ohio again. And not a second too soon. As I mentioned on the podcast, the president can lose Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Colorado and still win the election with 277 electoral votes. But only if he wins Ohio and Iowa. Considering, however, that he'll likely win one of the aforementioned five states, Ohio will clinch it for him.

  • bphoon

    The media is currently slathering and slobbering over the possibility (as reported in today’s Washington Post) that Obama could win the electoral vote and lose the popular vote.

    Current shiny object.

  • Ann Smith

    Yeah, sorry about that. Romney is winning big time. I know it’s easier to pretend otherwise. Don’t riot when O loses, ‘k?

    • ranger11

      Yesssirrr Massa Ann!!!

    • westparkguy

      Ann you need to stop replying to posts when it is 2AM and you are drunk. Just put down the wine glass and go to sleep.

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      Another right wing freak who can’t read and who votes against their own self interest out of ……….stupidity and their hatred of brown skin.

  • muselet

    This morning, Simon van Zuylen-Wood flagged a piece by Gabriel Snyder at the Atlantic Wire, who argues that there are 512 ways the nine swing states can split and, all else being equal, Barack Obama wins in 431 of them; of Mitt Romney’s 76 possible ways to win the presidency, all but 11 require him to win Ohio.

    Snyder offers quite a few caveats and good-naturedly pokes fun at his statistical naiveté. Still, his number seem at first glance to make sense, especially since he isn’t trying to predict the election but rather describe the universe of possible outcomes.

    All outcomes assume people actually vote—and their votes are properly counted—of course.


  • eljefejeff

    I’m sure the president will win Ohio and enough other states to get over 270. That is, more people will cast a vote for Obama than for Romney. Whether they get all get counted or not is a different story.

  • ElayneB

    Why do I have a feeling that every lawn chair overturned by Sandy next week will be blamed on Obama’s FEMA?

    • D_C_Wilson

      Brace yourself for another round of “It’s Obama’s Katrina” and “A coverup worse than Watergate!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Norris/1597765442 Michael Norris

    The media is currently slathering and slobbering over the possibility (as reported in today’s Washington Post) that Obama could win the electoral vote and lose the popular vote. The discussion seems to be that the President will have to recognize that “the people” supported Romney’s policies and agenda and the president will be obligated to govern accordingly. Just three questions I would like answered based on this discussion and remote possibility:

    Question 1: ARE YOU CRAZY? Oh–sorry. First question, seriously: What Romney policies are you talking about? Actually, which Romney would you like?

    Question 2: What will be Willard’s role? Clearly he will be the loser; should the president give him a cabinet post to keep him around? You know, since he would be the most popular guy. Any suggestions here Republicans? Or do you intend to wear out the court system all the way to the SCOTUS to overturn the vote of the people? My guess is we already know the answer to this question.

    Question 3: I know that Republicans have very short memories and they like to revise history whenever and wherever possible, but does anyone remember the election of 2000? Just askin’.

    Bonus question for Republicans only: What happens if the Democrats win the house, the Senate, and Obama is reelected even after losing the popular vote? The answer: Then you won’t matter anymore–or at least until the next election.

    • eljefejeff

      I specifically remember an instance when I subjected myself to Hannity and colmes sometime in 2001 and colmes tried to close a segment with a reminder that Gore had actually won the popular vote and Hannity responded with “Well we’re going to break and I’ll explain to my liberal friend here how the electoral college works”.

      And of course that was far from the only instance. Even though I want the president to win with over 50% of the popular vote, part of me would love the irony of losing the popular and winning the electoral vote.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Norris/1597765442 Michael Norris

        That must have been awful for you. A very traumatic experience of stupidity I am sure. One needs to careful exposing themselves to that kind of ignorance.

    • ElayneB

      Just like Bush did, right?

    • D_C_Wilson

      If Obama wins the electoral college but loses the popular vote, the right will howl and complain about how Obama isn’t legitimate and he undermines the will of the people every time he draws a breath. And no, they won’t remember 2000.

      Not that I think such a scenario is likely. The villagers just need to talk about to keep the horse race speculation going. The popular polls are swinging back Obama’s way. He’ll win the popular vote by a narrow, but clear, majority.

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    If you (collective you-readers) have time, please participate in the OFA GOTV effort!

    Just go to http://www.barackobama.com/ and hit “Get Involved”

    I’m making calls to Ohio voters today from my home in Michigan.

    I’m considering a drive to Cincinnati to observe on election day.