Epic Fail

Quantum Mitt

After Mitt Romney appeared on Fox News last night and admitted that his "47 percent" comments were wrong, effectively throwing Fox News under the bus, Romney campaign surrogate Rep. Phil Gingrey appeared on CNN this morning to confirm that, yes, Mitt Romney is changing positions to win votes.

“The Republican, the conservative candidate in the primary, is always going to lean right and come back to the center for the general, the opposite for the Democrat. That’s all you are seeing here. It is very typical. We strong conservatives understand that. There are a lot of undecideds in this country…we want those votes too. So, this is campaign strategy.”

If the Romney campaign's goal for Wednesday night was to change the conversation inside the beltway from "Mitt's a loser" to "Mitt's a winner," it's safe to say they were successful, at least temporarily, but at what cost?

We haven't reached the point yet where tracking polls account for the full effect of the first presidential debate, however polls released thus far reveal that the dynamics of the campaign have either remain unchanged or may have even moved in the president's favor.

Romney successfully bamboozled the worry-warts at MSNBC with his over-the-top lie-fest and generated a temporary bump in enthusiasm among Republicans, but it seems more likely to me that average voters watched him say "I don't want to cut taxes" and then proceeded to laugh their asses off.

Romney may have won the first debate and may even win the next two, but it's too little, too late. After five years of running for president, Americans are very familiar with who Mitt Romney is and what he stands for. Attempting to change all of that four weeks away from the election is just going make people less inclined to take you seriously.

The conversation inside the conservative mediasphere has already gone from "Mitt Romney SMASH!" to "the BLS is a liberal conspiracy." And by Monday morning no one will even remember most of the first presidential debate, but they will remember that Mitt Romney pledged to fire Big Bird.

  • bphoon

    After five years of running for president, Americans are very familiar with who Mitt Romney is and what he stands for.

    I think it’s better said the most Americans know who Mitt Romney is but probably have a little trouble on what he stands for since he keeps changing the latter on a whim.

  • Nefercat

    Just what in god’s name does the word “win” mean?

    He “won” what?

    I’m trying to think of an analogy that works. A sports team that gets the highest score by cheating is the winner? Even if everybody knows that they cheated? They get to keep the trophy? Because they “won”? How did he “win”? What did he “win”?

    He’s being lambasted all over as a lying, Big Bird killing jackass. Obama voters aren’t falling over themselves to announce that they are switching their votes to Romney. Independents moved to Obama if anybody. And the prevailing thought about the next debate seems to be whether or not the President will call him out on his lying *this* time. It’s accepted that he will be lying in the next debate the way birds sing in the spring.

    But he “won”?

    • stacib23

      He “won” just like Barry Bonds, Jr. won. Neither Mitt Romney nor Barry Bonds will ever see their particular Hall of Fame. Most of us cannot stand a cheater.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Well, maybe pro wrestling. And that’s a surreal spectacle, which perfectly describes Romney’s campaign.

      • mrbrink

        Definitely! I think you’re on to something, there.

        If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were a tag team in the WWE, they’d be the cheating, shit-talking antagonists who everyone wants to see get their faces head-butted and smashed into a turn buckle for crowd-pleasing ten count.

        It might sound crazy, but I’ve argued that the WWE actually teaches kids to recognize bullshitters and meanies when they see them. The running joke is that the Rock has similar speaking style to president Obama. WWE universe loves the Rock. They also go from school to school on an anti-bullying campaign. I dig that.

        • JMAshby

          Of course. He’s Therock Obama.

          • mrbrink

            It’s true, it’s true!

            Adding, that’s still one of the most hilarious sketches in SNL political history.

    • bphoon

      He “won” style over substance but that’s about it.