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There isn’t really a Moderate Mitt; what is on display now is better described as Convenient Mitt. Anyone willing to advocate extremism to raise money and win primaries is likely to do the same to stay in office. -NYTimes Editorial Board

Indeed, just because Mitt decides he's going to whitewash his record during the final 30 days of the election does not mean he would govern as a moderate.

In other words, beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.

The editorial board of the New York Times unleashed on Romney here.

  • mrbrink

    There is just no standard for Republicans. And this should be a valuable lesson for everyone because this is how the left keeps getting played– Narrative control and bullshit thrust. Movement conservatism. Fucking A. It’s still a full time crank-letter writing operation, new and improved, now with internet trolls!

    When I see someone use the phrase, “flip flopper” to describe Mitt Romney, It’s a little sad. Because they controlled the narrative with it and depressed turnout through repetition, in the same shallow spirit of that Indian chant they think is so cute at Elizabeth Warren rallies. But poor, John Kerry. Republicans don’t actually care about “flip flopping.” Who knew?

    Republicans wrapped themselves up in the flag, and their trillion dollar production of “9/11, 9/11: The Broadway Musical on Ice!” was a national sensation. The residuals from syndication alone… and now they don’t even think they have to mention the troops — at all– like when accepting the nomination to be the Commander In Chief of the free world. Is it just assumed their love for GI Joe dolls means they can run the military? Think that shit would happen had they been nominating a military candidate? Imagine the fake outrage they would saturate the airwaves with to remind America that Democrats are weak on crime, terror, 9/11 mentions, lapel pins, national anthem posture…patriotism.

    Their candidate doesn’t even have to answer to his whereabouts during Vietnam. Poor, John Kerry. Nobody on the right actually cares about the military and service to it.

    And another thing about lapel pins, now. As a debate takeaway, it seems like the shitty media keeps pointing out how different these two fucking stoops are because they have some secret service star on their flag lapel pins. Not Biden calling out Ryan for his Stimulus bullshit, or his Medicare bullshit, or his foreign policy bullshit(don’t even need foreign policy experience! Poor, Democrats. Republicans don’t care about foreign policy experience anymore), or his crazy anti-abortion amendment obsession, or the way he juggled the water glasses lapping it all up like a horse that had already been ridden through the Iraqi desert by a tanned and shirtless Joe Biden.. If Obama/Biden were walking around with something desecrating their little flags, it’s all we’d be hearing about. But because it’s Romney/Ryan and they have A Little Secret Service’s Pet Star on them, maybe we’re being handed an opportunity to fuck with them, or really grind the national debate down small enough to fit into the electoral crack pipe of America’s sweaty hands where whole campaigns are easy to smoke in the dark, or maybe they’re trying to say that the Secret Service is getting comfortable with the idea of guarding Romney/Ryan. Easy gig. Less death threats. Haven’t they had their hands full? All they need with Romney is a giant gator-infested moat around the White House to keep the 47%ers away from all the food, and because all the psychos with guns are already voting for Romney/Ryan, what’s there to do? Republicans don’t actually care about flag pins and desecrating the Star and Stripes.

    Values. Ha. They impeached Bill Clinton for a personal relationship, and ran the country into the ground with a melodramatic multi-million dollar standstill in the process, but David Vitter and his baby-diaper spanking prostitutes, Mark Sanford eloping to Fucktown Motel International, Tom Coburn covering up for John Ensign? fucking Dennis Hastert covering up for Mark Foley?! A web of lies, cover ups at top levels! and quickly forgotten scandals. Republicans don’t actually care about “values” or “American values.”

    And Religion. The test that only right wing Republicans are allowed to administer. I’m wondering when Mitt Romney is going to sit down with Pastor Rick and explain to the country how he’s not a Muslim because the Bible set him on a path toward race-baiting and lies? Not A Christian?! Poor, president Barack Obama. Republicans don’t actually care if you’re not a Christian, or your father wasn’t born here after all.

    “Jobs and the economy” are the latest bullshit hyper-concerns for Republicans. We already know they don’t care. But here we are.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Republicans don’t really care about anything except winning. They will use whatever tactics are necessary to achieve that goal. It doesn’t matter if what they say makes them look like hypocrites or is even true, they will play whatever cards they can in order to win.

      They don’t even have anything in the way of policy positions, aside from their religious devotion to tax cuts for the wealthy and more wars in the Middle East. That’s why Mitt can get away with saying things like he’ll replace Obamacare with something that looks a lot like Obamacare, but without the hated “Obama” part and then turn around the next day and have his campaign say, no, he didn’t really mean that people with pre-existing conditions will be covered. It’s how he can get away with saying he has no plans for anti-abortion legislation and then turn around and promise to get Roe v. Wade overturned.

      None of these positions really matter. Rush flat out said a few weeks ago. Romney is just a place holder. They don’t care what he does or says. They just want to get that Kenyan usurper out of “their” White House.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Mitt is Schrodinger’s candidate, existing in an indeterminate state of being both for and against a given position. It’s only when you open the box and allow him to see what audience he is addressing that the wave function settles into a particular state. which only lasts until he is put back into the box and shipped to the next venue.

    If Mitt Romney wins, America’s true leaders will be Grover Norquist and John Bolton. Bolton will have his ear, and will guide the human chameleon into a war with Iran. Plus, with the majority of congressional republicans beholden to Norquist, some of the most awful, regressive legislation will be passed, which Mitt will dutifully sign.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1246624710 Patrick Malone

    Mitt’s a man of principle.
    His first principle is is to pander to whomever he’s addressing.