Election 2012

Romney and Mourdock and What God Intended

Great ad combining the Romney ad for Mourdock (Ashby posted it below) and Mourdock's comments about rape.

It's crucial to remember: regardless of which Mitt Romney shows up from day to day, he will absolutely secure the Supreme Court with a conservative majority for a generation and he will absolutely end funding for Planned Parenthood. Vote accordingly.

  • justintimeDS

    The outrageous thing here is not that Mourdoch believes in the sanctity of life, it’s his opinion and has every right to his beliefs. My problem with this whole thing is that the GOP wants to literally ram all their religious ideology into government policy and basically force everyone to conform to their religious beliefs. How is that any different than imposing Sharia law in Muslim countries? Freedom of Religion also implies freedom From religion, separation of church and state.

  • KelFord

    I’m a pro-choice atheist woman, and I’m puzzled by all the outrage over what this guy said. What he said was (the way I hear it) ‘all fetuses have a right to life, regardless of how they were conceived.’ (I don’t care about the god part; there is no god.) It’s a position I disagree with completely, but at least it’s not a bullshit position. Pro-lifers who make exceptions for rape and incest are saying that some fetuses have more right to life than others. And that’s offensive as hell, and exposes their real agenda: women who willingly have sex must be ‘punished’ by the ‘shame’ of pregnancy. These are very sick people. But Mourdock (the way I hear it) is putting the focus of his position on the fetus, not the woman’s lifestyle. I mean, I wouldn’t vote for him, but I’m not outraged.

    • Zen Diesel

      Speaking from a male perspective, I think the outrage is a two part thing, 1) rape is never a blessing or some grand design from the great sky wizard “I am not an atheist, but I have major issues with religion”, 2) another Republican man who want’s to control what happens in a woman’s uterus. You are correct in the fact, that unlike a lot of the love the fetus, hate the child Republicans, Murdoch is being honest how he really feels.

      • KelFord

        But he didn’t say he’s pro-rape, he said he’s pro-life. And that’s not news with today’s GOP. We’re making a mountain out of a mole hill, a mole hill that isn’t even there, it’s a misrepresentation. This is Fox news territory (cf. the ‘not optimal’ meme re Obama’s Libya comments on the Daily Show). Aren’t we better than that? There is SO MUCH to go after the GOP for, real stuff, real lies, real stinking awful policies.

        • Zen Diesel

          It’s hard not to overreact to information that spews out of the Republican alternate universe. You are correct, that what Murdoch said isn’t really anything new. The Republican doctrine, makes no bones about how they want to drag all of us back to an utopian theocratic society that never existed, so very little actually surprises me anymore. Murdoch stupidity will be hot and heavy for the next 24 hrs, or until another Republican puts his or her foot in his mouth.

        • mrbrink

          The laws of intended consequences.

          They’re not just stating their religious beliefs in a vacuum.

          They’re acting on them, and are prepared to amend the constitution if they have to, to criminalize abortions making it murder and a capital offense.

          That’s insane, especially when they’re talking about rape and incest.

        • Brutlyhonest

          It isn’t over-reaction when you consider they want to codify their religious beliefs as law. The only way to get people to pay attention is to be outraged by their outrageous intentions.

        • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

          So……..you think it’s not a “stinking awful policy” to force women to bear the children of rape or incest?

          You need to understand that the issue is not their religious beliefs. The issue is the fact that they have tried to enact those beliefs into law, and they will continue to do exactly that, and all it will take to strike down Roe v. Wade is Romney’s appointment of even one more conservative justice.

          And that last statement doesn’t address the fact that abortions for ANY reason have become nearly impossible to obtain for the average woman in many states.

    • D_C_Wilson

      I think what shocks people is that the exception for rape and incest was one of those concessions anti-abortion types would make in order to sound reasonable.

      But this isn’t Reagan’s GOP any more. It’s not enough to just throw the fetus fetishizers a bone every so often. Now the party’s ranks of elected officials are filled with people who actually believe the bullshit. Mourdok is just another symptom along with Todd “Legitimate Rape” Aikin and Joe Walsh claiming that there is no such thing as women dying in childbirth. Yes, they are giving us glimpses into how they really think.

      And it’s terrifying.

  • http://twitter.com/Zirgar Zirgar

    I’m Mitt Romney and I approve my bullshit.