Election 2012

Romney Fees

Here's how you raise taxes on working people while claiming that you didn't raise taxes.

via OFA

OFA's ad team has been very impressive throughout this entire election cycle.

  • mrbrink

    I think I saw a “looking at the sunset fee.” I could be mistaken, but not by much. There was an increased fee on the blind! The blind!

    And a cynically convenient biproduct of this, is that people begin to resent government even more. We already tolerate a lot, and we do it with idea that it does take some(dare I say, patriotic? or real patriotism? You know, the kind that tends to get shit on to pay for another round of patriotic tax cuts for Mitt Romney?) sacrifices, however reluctant we may be, to make it all go. But when you go down to the respective government office and find out they’ve raised your application fee by hundreds of dollars on top of all the other taxes we’re already paying directly, it pisses people off, to say the least, and it’s exactly this kind of cost-shifting CEO dickhead governance that does it.

    It’s demoralizing and a destablizing factor for democracy, let alone an economy.

    Then along comes Mitt Romney to sell you the pro growth policies it takes to finally get big government off your backs!

    With a straight face.

  • trgahan

    I live in glowing red, “low tax rate” Utah. I took the time to figure it out one year and I pay as much as my “we’re taxed to death” family (they complain constantly) in Pennslyvania. But everything I pay is called a fee and am billed monthly, but not taxed.

    For ultimately the same amount of money, I get public schools with the lowest investment per student in the nation (and most people here think we still pay too much for education); some of the strictest and lowest paying social services like food stamps, unemployment, etc; and services that aren’t directly billed are provided through private entities that charge at least 10 times as much compared to higher taxed states.

    • bphoon

      When I lived in Minnesota, then-Gov. Pawlenty bragged regularly about how he’d never raised taxes, even as he engineered a 50-cent per pack “fee” on cigarette sales…and that’s just one example.

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      …provided through private entities that charge at least 10 times as much compared to higher taxed states

      This is such a common conservative (and indeed Mormon) ploy to suck off the teat of Government without overtly appearing to do so. Hypocrites, one and all.