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This week's questions for me, Chez and Ben. Read our answers here.

1) Am I the only one among progressive America who felt like Romney won Tuesday night's debate? I think President Obama came back very strong but only compared to his limp performance in the previous debate. Am I missing something?

2) I know several liberals have stated that if Mitt Romney wins they will either A) commit suicide or B) leave the country. Should the Mittocalypse occur which method for A and which location for B would you suggest?

3) In your opinion, which Romney son would have the easiest time getting a reservation at Dorsia?

  • IrishGrrrl

    “I don’t care if he farted rainbows for the rest of the debate”

    truly guffaw worthy

  • bphoon

    I really like this column, especially today’s. However, please do me a favor and tell Ben that if he’s gonna (metaphorically) shell the Westboro Baptist compound to please check the kill radius of his ammunition. I live only about six blocks from there…