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The Daily Banter Mail Bag Won the Debate

This week's probing questions for me, Chez and Ben Cohen:

1) I think we're all agreed on the left that Obama had a terrible night in the debate. He looked so out of sorts I can't help but think it might have been a ploy from the Obama camp. He barely looked as if he was awake half the time, and he had to know the smirking wouldn't look good on TV. Is there any way this could have been deliberate? Love to hear your thoughts.
Jamie G.

2)What is the one thing you fear most from a potential Romney presidency?

3) Now that Fox News has actually aired a suicide live, doesn't Nancy Grace deserve a break?

Read our answers here.

  • bphoon

    For me, too, it’s the Supreme Court. That right there can fuck up our country in many more ways than just social issues no matter who is elected to succeed him eventually.

    Other than that, my fear is primarily economical. He will certainly be beholden to both the crazy-fringe right wing Ayn Randians that dominate the GOP these days as well as his corporate benefactors so I fully expect him to try to drag us kicking and screaming back to Reagan/GWB economic policy. The real trouble with that is it’ll likely precipitate another financial crisis resulting from some kind of bubble. That time, however, considering where we’d be starting, he’s likely to throw us into a second Great Depression rather than “just” a recession.

  • nicole

    You always have the best answers, Bob. Good job.

    My biggest fears if Romney wins, which he absolutely won’t:

    1. The Supreme Court
    2. We’ll be at war in the middle east [again] within months
    3. Tax policy & certain cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, etc.. Very poor people will be longing for the “good old days”