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The Rocktober Surprise Daily Banter Mail Bag

This week's Mail Bag questions:

1) We've seen a lot of race-baiting and dog whistles this campaign cycle. Do you think Sarah Palin's use of the phrase "shuckin' and juvin'" was deliberately in that vein or should we give her the benefit of the doubt?
-- Frederic

2) Mitt Romney is now being accused of lying about the value of Staples' stock to help out the founder of the company and screw over the wife who was divorcing him. Do you think this is the kind of October Surprise that can actually hurt Romney or will no one really care at this stage?
-- Sally

3) Why does anyone still pay any attention to Donald Trump?
-- Taylor

Answers here.

  • IrishGrrrl

    That pic of Trump is hysterical…my first thought was “It’s Alive! Alive I tell ya!” You should have a caption contest for it.