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The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things About the Tucker Carlson Video

By now I'm sure you're aware of the "game changing" video that Drudge, Fox News and Tucker Carlson released of President Obama which Carlson claims "disqualifies" the president from winning re-election. It's actually a video that's been out there since the 2008 election and has been covered by Carlson (also in 2008) and others. In other words, it's well-known old news and therefore a non-story. Linkins at Huff Post enumerated the top 10 reasons why it's ultimately bullshit.

1. We get a big tease, about a bombshell video scoop that's going to "drop," from Matt Drudge. He uses Twitter to get the word out. Relatively speaking, that's kind of new. Anyway, this is enough to prompt zillions of political reporters to point their browsers at the Drudge Report and start refreshing like mad. Relatively speaking, that's kind of old. But, hey, if you want to attract lemmings, give 'em a cliff.

2. Naturally, one sort of suspects that something of a letdown is coming. Condoleezza Rice, after all, was not selected to run alongside Mitt Romney. But the promised outcome is that the video is going to "cause controversy, ignite accusations of racism -- in both directions!" (No, I've no idea what "both directions" is supposed to mean.)

3. Those madcap browser-refreshers get gradual payoffs. We learn that the video in question will be shown on Fox News later Tuesday night. It's billed as "Obama's other race speech." A later update teases: “THE ACCENT … THE ANGER … THE ACCUSATIONS …THE SHOUT OUT TO REV. WRIGHT WHO IS IN AUDIENCE ...”

4. Matt Drudge has an image to his Obama video splash, of Obama speaking, in front of some sort of drum kit. He is apparently unaware that Google allows anyone to do a reverse-search to find information about images. A reporter from BuzzFeed, Jessica Testa, figures this out, and identifies the image as Obama, giving a speech at Hampton University, in 2007. She and her colleague, Andrew Kaczynski, start finding relevant portions of the speech on YouTube.

5. As it turns out, Andrew Sullivan's The Daily Dish has had a transcript of the prepared remarks of the speech since 2007. (Though Obama did, at times, improvise from those remarks, as the videos BuzzFeed gathered demonstrate.)

6. And Politico reported the "shout-out" to Wright in 2008 as one of the "top eight gaffes of the campaign." By which I mean, the 2008 campaign.

7. Newsbusters wrote about this appearance, speech, et al., back in 2008 as well. This virtually assures that everyone who was a) alive in 2008 and b) a conservative political blogger, is well aware of this story.

8. Actually, they were likely aware of it even before Newsbusters wrote about it. CNN's Roland Martin, in fact, pushed back against the conservative outcry over this speech in 2007.

9. Tucker Carlson, who was chiefly responsible for rolling out this old video, insisted earlier today that all the extant video clips that were found to be in wide circulation were incomplete, and that he, exclusively, had the full video. What's really strange about this is that Tucker Carlson already covered this speech -- back in 2007, on his eponymous MSNBC show.

10. The Daily Caller and Sean Hannity collaborate on an explosive release of this story, releasing it simultaneously at 9 p.m., as if it had not happened a long time ago.

Desperate, sad little men. Is this all you've got? An old video that everyone knew about four years ago? Pathetic and hilarious.

Worse yet, they're frantically trying anything, including a line of attack that wasn't even effective before knowing how the president would govern. They're still playing by a first timer playbook and haven't quite figured out how to take down an incumbent. Lame, lame, lame. I wonder if they realize how badly they've embarrassed themselves. Probably not.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Media Figures Throw Wet Blanket On Video Hyped By Drudge, Hannity, And Carlson

    When even the wingnut’s wingnuts like Allen West, Newt Gingrich, and Erick Erickson aren’t impressed, you know you’ve bombed.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Jon Stewart is soooooo gonna be all over this tonight.

  • bphoon

    Is it even possible for wingers to feel embarrassment?

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Not when they’re sociopaths, they ain’t!

    • D_C_Wilson

      Their brains have been rewired so that in situations where a sane person would feel embarrassment, they are instead compelled to double-down.

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    What a bunch of pathetic losers.


  • i_a_c

    This is only shocking to dead-end rightwingers incensed that a black man who from time to time talks to black people became President of the United States.

  • Ned F

    It’s obvious they were searching like mad archaeologists to find something, anything, to compare to Mitt’s 47% vid. What this reminded me of was the scene in “Trading Places” when Dan Akroyd, as a disgraced drunk Santa, sneaks into his former office, now Eddie Murphy’s office, and fills the desk drawers with drugs and while getting caught doing so, pointing and shouting, “Look, see? He’s the drug dealer, not me, it’s the bad negro!”

  • http://twitter.com/SugaRazor Razor

    Tucker still shows his face in public after the Jon Stewart incident, so clearly shame and embarrassment aren’t issues for him.

  • zirgar

    The only explosive release Sean Hannity’s ever had has been from getting an orgasm thinking about Ronald Reagan.

    • muselet

      “Sean Hannity” does not belong in the same sentence as “orgasm.” Ever.

      Comments like this are the reason I buy brain bleach in 55-gallon drums.


      • D_C_Wilson

        Watch any clip of Hannity interviewing a female conservative. Half the time, he keeps one hand under his desk.

        • muselet

          I really didn’t need to know that. (Doesn’t mean I’m surprised, mind you.)