Lying Liars

They Won’t Be Dictated By Fact Checkers

Even if the fact checkers are General Motors, Chrysler, and Bloomberg, the Romney campaign will not be deterred.

via Detroit News DC Bureau Chief David Shepardson

In the strongest terms possible both GM and Chrysler, and Bloomberg, which debuted the column about Chrysler's expansion plans that spawned the Romney campaign's wild assertions, have refuted the campaign's claims that American production capacity is being outsourced to China.

This is clearly a desperate Hail Mary pass into the endzone. Or should I say Fail Mary?

  • Samella Williams

    The Detroit News endorsed Mitt.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Love your confidence on Obama winning this thing, Ash. Sometimes when I read Bob’s pieces, I worry he’s this close to losing his shpadoinkle.

  • nicole

    Just an FYI for future reference, the Detroit News is a Conservative paper.

  • muselet

    Benjy Sarlin took on the Romney ad today. The implication of the ad is clearly deliberately inaccurate, but it is possible to parse the words very carefully and argue that the ad is correct. Sarlin isn’t any more amused than GM or Chrysler.

    I really want this election to be over.


    • nicole

      Same thing as lying, Alo. He’s trying to mislead the American people.

      • muselet

        Absolutely true. When it’s necessary to go phrase-by-phrase through an ad to make it not be a lie, it’s a lie.

        Sorry for any confusion. I should’ve been clearer.

        And I still really want this election to be over.


  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    There was a time when we had journalism in this country where reporters called bullshit when a politician was a pathological lier.
    Now the news is just another ‘for-profit’ business resembling a reality show.

    • D_C_Wilson

      There was a time when politicians would act embarrassed when caught in a lie, or would at least try to make an excuse like “I misspoke” or “I was taken out of context”.

      Romney is the first politician who, when caught in a lie, just repeats the lie.

      • nicole

        “Romney is the first politician who, when caught in a lie, just repeats the lie. ”

        I know. It’s completely freaking me out. Is this what we have to look forward to from now on? Sometimes I wish I did believe in a Sky Fairy.

  • rob black

    Like the sound of a large kitchen sink, thrown from a second story window, landing with a thud in the muck below….
    and yet no more outrageous than any of the other multitude of lies he has been running up the flag pole for the last two years.
    Who are the seven people they think are going to hear and or see these ads, be somehow swayed by them, and then ignore the rather loud and multiple refutations going today?
    Just think, in a mere week, we as a nation will no longer be subjected to the daily tragically comic antics of one Willard Fucking Romney!
    Christmas comes in November this year.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      The Krampus should be paying a visit to the Romneys, the Ryans, and the rest of the Republicans this Christmas.