Tom Brokaw is Worthless

Here's Brokaw on Meet the Press saying the deficit "happened on [Obama's] watch":

This is an abortion of the facts.

First, as I've been screaming about for months, the president has reduced the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars from what he inherited from the Bush administration.

Second, I've had it with the impotent Meet the Press crowd continuously repeating common wisdom or "what the American people think" as if it was fact. For fuck sake, people, report on the facts as they exist instead of the fiction that people and polls believe to be true. Just because people think the deficit is skyrocketing doesn't make it so! It's your responsibility to inform them of reality!

President Obama has CUT THE DEFICIT. Full stop.

As of 2013, the deficit will have been reduced by $300 billion from Bush's final deficit of $1.2 triilion -- $500 billion if you include the full 2009 $1.4 trillion deficit.

Report that, Tom Brokaw, if, in fact, you have any balls and aren't caving to the nonsensical agitprop of the far-right "liberal media" horseshit. Report the truth for once. Just because the president hasn't eliminated the deficit from the clusterfuck that Bush handed to him doesn't mean he needs to "account for it." Jesus H. Christ.

Meet the Press is poisonous.

  • laddieluv

    …not enough Thorazine on the planet…blech…

  • Kerry Reid

    Brokaw was on “The Daily Show” during or right after the ACA fight and was bellyaching about how it was so awful that nobody knew what was in the bill.

    Yes. If only a senior network guy with tons of cred (unearned, but whatev) had said to his bosses “Say, maybe a special about the bill — what’s in it, what’s not?”

    Too much like real journalism? Wouldn’t want to have to break a sweat reporting or anything, right?

  • Lexamich

    Brokaw is one of the fossils that was on television not long after President Obama’s inauguration swearing the country was still “center-right.” For that bullshit alone, he’s a worthless news zombie that really has no business being listened to in the 21st century.

    My goodness, they really are standing in the way of progress, these dinosaurs.

  • Brutlyhonest

    YAY! This validates my earlier comment re: corporate media complicity (of course this doesn’t really please me).

    When one of the evening “news” readers (very rarely) cites a statistic of how mis-informed ‘Mericans are, I sometimes wonder if they are so obtuse that they don’t realize it is their fault people are mis-informed.

    Edited to add: I fully expect to see brokaw slurring his BS in a Rmoney add.

  • muselet

    Tom Brokaw is Worthless

    Yes, and he has been for a good many years (Greatest Generation, anyone?). He was a good newsreader; he is a lousy pundit.

    Better Brokaw should spend his golden years fly-fishing than mindlessly repeating the Village’s conventional wisdom.


  • JoyP

    I think Dr.(that’s incredulous) Ablow should diagnose Tom Brokaw and David Gregory. There’s is definitely something amiss with both of them. If you can accuse Biden of dementia, why not Brokaw and narcissistic personality disorder is my “official” diagnosis of Gregory.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Throw in Chucly Todd, and you got yourself a deal.

  • gescove

    Thank you for watching and for your spot on critique. It spares me the agony of apoplexy each and every weekend.

  • roxsteady

    I heard about this yesterday since I don’t watch any of the Sunday shows anymore. I got tired of yelling at the tv over missed opportunities to correct misstatements and out right lies. I now rely on the clips posted by the bloggers because I can’t stomach them and their repeat linup of useless guests. Brokaw can kiss my ass along with David Gregory, Bob Schieffer, and who ever is hosting This Week. I’ve developed what I like to call an LBT, low bullshit tolerance so, I stick with Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris Perry on Sundays.