• rob black

    This has more to do with the cartoon than anything else, but I kind of realized something about the election while watching Bill Maher’s New Rules.
    He was pointing out that Obama only got 39% of the white vote, and the only time Obama has ever won the white vote …was when he was running against another black candidate.
    I am sure I already knew this stat, but the implications for what it says about the american voter at large are really kind of heartbreaking. Of course, the fact that a candidate as good as Obama is, ran this close to a caricature like Romney…ugghh…just depressing.
    …In any case it made me think of the only two things Republicans said to me this season when asked why they were voting for Romney, actually only one vague idea, with different words: Welfare and diversity.
    They see this country the way Romney described it in that video. They see a huge population of moochers (non white) as the core of our economic problems.
    It is really a fairly amorphous vision too. When I pointed out that: welfare is an incredibly small component of federal expenditure (compared to say subsidies for oil companies, or farmers…ect) or that in fact, whites benefit far more from social programs than non-whites….it didn’t really seem to make much difference to them, their eyes just sort of glazed over.
    Which brings us to the realization: The core thing that I see, studying the history and politics of this country, as making it “exceptional” or “the greatest country on earth”
    is the same thing they see as the source of all its problems and what will lead to its downfall: diversity.
    I see diversity as the main strength of the country, much in the same way it acts in nature. Closed societies exhibit all the same problems that inbreeding produces in the natural world. They become isolated, paranoid, create rigid caste systems and are generally unhealthy. Inbreeding produces diseases like hemophilia, scale that up to societal level…it produces world wars.
    I wont get in to just how dependent this country has been on immigrant or slave labor of one form or another to actually build and maintain itself. It is, however unintentional, the reason we are so diverse.
    It just seems strange to me, that this fundamental truth…that diversity is what built this country, is what maintains it, is what makes it great, is not only lost on such a huge part of the population……..but is actually misinterpreted as it’s biggest problem.
    You can almost take the one idea, and extrapolate it out, to encompass all of the problems we now face.
    The irony cherry on top, as this election just showed: Diversity is what will eventually cure it.

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    “My kingdom for a binder full of women!”

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    Um … Holy Crap

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      Jesus. Fucking. Christ. You gotta be kidding me.

      Did someone say “paracosm”?

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        “It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

        Who knew Kyle Reese was actually talking about the Heritage Foundation?


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      Lip/Sweat ’16