Election 2013

Cory Booker for Senate?

Considering that a recent poll shows Chris Christie trouncing Cory Booker in next year's New Jersey gubernatorial race, the U.S. Senate might be a path of lesser resistance for Booker, especially with poll numbers like this:

By a 59% to 22% margin Democrats say they would prefer their candidate in 2014 be Booker than Lautenberg. And Booker emerges as the strong favorite in an open seat situation too. 48% would want Booker as their candidate compared to 17% for Rob Andrews and 13% for Frank Pallone, both Congressmen who have shown an interest in moving up.

Booker could practically start moving into his Capitol Hill office now. And even though being governor is a smoother path to the presidency, the Senate isn't such a bad Plan B.

  • drsquid

    So much for Cory Booker’s political career ending because he expressed some admiration for some private equity types.