Dreams From My Real Communist Dictatorship Mind Control Program

This report from Tim Murphy of Mother Jones may be the most unintentionally hilarious thing you'll read today.

President Obama is using a Cold War-era mind-control technique known as "Delphi" to coerce Americans into accepting his plan for a United Nations-run communist dictatorship in which suburbanites will be forcibly relocated to cities. That's according to a four-hour briefing delivered to Republican state senators at the Georgia state Capitol last month.

On October 11th at a closed-door meeting of the Republican caucus convened by the body's majority leader, Chip Rogers, a tea party activist told Republican lawmakers that Obama was mounting this most diabolical conspiracy. The event—captured on tape by a member of the Athens-based watchdog Better Georgia (who was removed from the room after 52 minutes)—had been billed as an information session on Agenda 21, a non-binding UN agreement that commits member nations to promote sustainable development. [...]

The meeting consisted of a Powerpoint presentation followed by a 90-minute screening of the anti-Agenda 21 documentary, Agenda: Grinding America Down. It was emceed by Field Searcy, a local conservative activist who was forced out of the Georgia Tea Party in April due to his endorsement of conspiracy theories about the president's birth certificate and the collapse of World Trade Center Tower 7.

To repeat for the umpteenth time, Agenda 21 has nothing to do with secret one-world-government plots or hostile takeovers. It's simply a guide for maintaining economic growth without destroying the environment in the process. And as Murphy notes, it's non-binding, meaning it's un-enforceable and it's not a law. It's more like a suggestion.

On the subject of mind control -- If that really were the case, why would the president command only 50 percent of the nation to vote for him? Why did the state of Florida remain so close? Why didn't he command voters to give him a Democratic House Majority so that we may actually pass communist legislation?

If our taxpayer dollars are paying for a mind control program, I think we should get our money back because it's obviously not a very good program.

Georgia Republicans were also reportedly briefed that the Center for American Progress and local chambers of commerce are in on the nefarious plot. And while those who associate with the former are probably used to being called communists at this point, I'm sure the latter would find this to be news.

  • IrishGrrrl

    This so reminds me of a conversation I had with my Dad. One of my brothers has been taking him to a fundamentalist church for the past 5 years. They’ve managed to brainwash anything remotely liberal out of him. The man used to be as feminista as I was. Anyway, earlier this year I went to visit him and we were talking about Pres. Obama and my father said he thinks he’s the “Anti-Christ”. My argument was similar to yours, JM….if he’s the Anti-Christ why does half the US population not like him. According to scripture the AC will be universally liked and those who dislike him will be very few in number. Gave my Dad pause, but not much. Sigh…….

  • Nefercat

    Wait until word gets out about the cia drugs that were added to the refreshments at this ah, event, and about the subliminal messages that were implanted in the Powerpoint presentation!

    I mean, surely they are not naive enough to think that their meeting was not infiltrated, are they?

    Those implanted subliminal messages along with the drugs are now set to go off at pre-determined random intervals.

    Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! The Kenyan will rule the world!

  • Zen Diesel

    President Obama, dispensed the double secret hypnogerms while we all slept, to control our minds.

    Mind control! You gotta have mind control! If you want to take control of your mind!

    • IrishGrrrl

      Hehe, “Don’t squeeze the pancake batter!”

  • Marcus

    What should concern the people of Georgia isn’t that their majority caucus met and listened to some nut with a conspiracy theory. At least half of the Republican caucus were likely elected because of the various conspiracy theories they espoused previously. No, what should concern the people of Georgia is that the meeting lasted FOUR HOURS!?! Seriously, four hours? Please tell us there was an open bar or a table decorated with trays of anti-psychotic pills or something.

  • Brutlyhonest

    There is a mind-control program in the US, and it runs 24 hours/day. It’s called FNC.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    People like that would normaly stand on street corners, shabbily dressed and unbathed for weeks, shouting at all sorts of inane conspiracy theories at passers by. And people would just look at them thinking they need serious help. Today, they get elected as Republicans at the state level.

  • muselet

    As Bugs Bunny was wont to say, “Wotta maroon!”


  • Ned F

    Judging from the profile pictures here, more than half of you have stolen my identity. No one is safe.

  • D_C_Wilson


    In care you’re still wondering how crazies like Bachmann, Stephen King, and Joe Walsh got into Congress, remember, state and local governments are the farm teams for federal office. The ones that are too crazy to move higher stay at the state level. With the crazy bar now so low thanks to people like Bachmann and Allen West, imagine how much more batshit insane someone has to be to not be able to run for Congress.

  • D_C_Wilson

    On the subject of mind control — If that really were the case, why would the president command only 50 percent of the nation to vote for him?

    Because the other 50 percent kept their tinfoil hats on.


  • Shawn Carey

    Don’t you SEE!!! That just PROVES how good the mind control IS!!!!

    • zirgar

      That just blew my mind!

  • zirgar

    Oh, my god. He IS the Kenyanchurian Candidate!

  • OsborneInk

    Say it with me now: PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS

  • zirgar

    Well, the guy did have it on Powerpoint, so, you know… And as to your questions regarding Obama’s use of Delphi, no one said he was good at it, they’re just talking about his intentions, which are clearly of an evil of a Dr. Who-ish variety.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Nothing good EVER comes out of Powerpoint presentations……