Flashback: I Am America

As ugly as the last two months of the 2012 campaign was, it's easy to forget just how hilarious the journey along the way was. This is a classic moment.

Yes, I know it's hard to remember, but Herman Cain once lead Mitt Romney in the polls. Because 999.

Has there ever been a bigger laughing stock of candidates than the crop of 2012 hopefuls? Was this the bottom of the barrel?

  • muselet

    Peak Wingnut is a myth and the barrel has no bottom.


  • Dan_in_DE

    Haha! Yes, that actually happened. Recall that Rachel Maddow spent that entire period pointing out that he looked like an art project. And the most hilarious part came later when Cain went on to do an interview series with The Daily Show. And besides Cain, there were Bachman, Perry, Gingrich and Santorum. Each one more laughable than the next..

    But was this rock bottom? I don’t think so. Look at all the nutjobs we were introduced to after Romney pulled ahead of the pack. Todd Akin and the experts from the Republican Rape Contingent to name a few. What the republicans need, is a Christie-type candidate who earns themself a measure of flexibility on the issues by being a total prick and a bully, which gives the far right a great big hard-on. That candidate will have to moderate their positions on social issues above all in order to attract swing voters. But, if Willard Mittens Romney has shown us anything it is that, the candidate that the Republicans need does not have to be at all sincere, or honest in the slightest. That hypothetical, perfect R candidate can be a complete cynical bastard, who lies through their teeth about anything and everything and they still be given equal respect and treated seriously by the news media. I think we are going to see a rising Republican candidate just as hollow and 100% lacking in convictions on political issues, who’s a huge prick like Christie, and sells America on an incredibly vague and substance-free, ‘snake oil’ platform, but succeeds because, regardless of their actual record, he/she will be more convincingly moderate than Romney was.

  • Tracey Page Christensen

    One could only hope so but for some reason I highly doubt it.

  • SlapFat

    I watch that Cain ad on a monthly basis. It is truly an encapsulation of the wacky nature of that campaign.