For Pete’s Sake

Talking Points Memo compiled this excellent montage of Mitt Romney's greatest hits from the 2012 campaign trail.

Cheesy grits ya'll. Obamaloney!

No, I'm not done gloating yet.

  • agrazingmoose

    Have we not fixed the “windows not opening on airplanes” problem yet?

  • rob black

    Oh man….this is going to be an SNL for the ages….!!

  • Brutlyhonest

    Living in what I often refer to as East Wingnuttistan, I found this bit of news interesting and encouraging (Entire article here):

    Obama topped Republican nominee Mitt Romney in six of seven cities in Hampton Roads in Tuesday’s election, with Romney winning the popular vote in Virginia Beach, according the State Board of Elections’ unofficial totals.

    The entire economy of this region is dependent on Federal spending on the Defense industry.

    • 1933john

      Reads like you may reside in “Shit City”, as sailors use to refer to
      Norfolk. Do they still have signs that read “Sailors and dogs
      keep off the grass”? I saw one on Main Street some years ago.

      • Brutlyhonest

        The signs only exist in pictures now.

        I’m actually in the wingnut bastion of Virginia Beach. You know, the city that was just another little redneck riviera consisting of a mediocre beach, farms and swamp. The only access until NAS Oceana became a “Master Jet Base” was a two-lane road.