For the Thousandth Time: the Stimulus Worked!

It might surprise most of the backwards, non-reality based conservatives to know that the stimulus not only worked, but the economy isn't nearly as bad as they'd like it to be.

That's no coincidence. And Mitt Romney wants to do the exact opposite of everything.

  • rob black

    It’s amazing that Paul Krugman isn’t confined to rubber room with a straight jacket and football helmet by now. He must feel like Jeff Golblum’s character in Jurassic Park saying over and over: “God it sucks being right all the time….”.
    It doesn’t take a whole lot of extrapolation, or real world modeling (thanks Europe, Japan of the early 90’s……and sorry) to envision a world where republican economic “policies” were not allowed to repeatedly wreck gains made when they are mercifully tossed out of power.
    Remember in 1999, when this country was running a surplus (after cleaning up the mess created by two Reagan terms and Bush Sr.), independent estimates had us actually retiring the debt entirely…by 2006.
    One of my favorite exercises in futility has been trying to explain to people that when Bush handed out those tax cuts, he wasn’t “giving us back our money”, he was giving us back borrowed money, that we would have been using to pay down our already acquired debt..and the mountain of interest it was accruing.
    When he piled two unfunded wars on to the mix, it was a recipe for catastrophic global economic disaster.
    In fact, it is an testament to how tough our economy is, that it managed to turn such a weak stimulus effort in to growth. Think of what it would have done if it had not been watered down with more tax cuts, and had been front loaded with more infrastructure improvements, and direct payments to underwater home owners, and about twice the size it ended up being.
    Here is a fun bit of alternative history that factors in “opportunity costs”:
    If you remove the horrible economic “strategies” employed by Republicans over the last 30 years: I would be telepathically typing this from the seat of my flying car….
    Republicans are economic cancer.

    • bphoon

      Reminds me of the flap over Ryan asking for stimulus funds for his district while voting against the stimulus. Why? BECAUSE THE STIMULUS WORKED!

      It created/saved jobs, demonstrably so. The only reason is didn’t do more for our economy is because of its small size in relation to the hole the GOP dug.

  • bphoon

    Please, Bob, you know that reality-based, objective facts don’t exist within the whackaloon bubble…