Geraldo Destroys Bolling on Benghazi

Presented without comment.

Okay one comment: holy shitballs.

(via Chez)

  • Gern Blandston

    And by the way, does that say “Cover-Up of The Cover Up”? Jesus Tapdancing Christ, man…

  • Victor_the_Crab

    How big an asshole do you have to be for Geraldo Rivera to basically call you a lying idiot on live television?

    • muselet

      Roughly this big.


  • muselet

    Notice how Eric Bolling tries to confuse the issue by shouting that the US had “assets in Tripoli.” As the crow flies, Benghazi is some 400 miles away from Tripoli, so it wouldn’t matter what the US had in the capital. (Also, naval ships and drones? What does he think, that the proper response to any attack is Hellfire missiles?)

    And watch Bolling’s face when Geraldo Rivera says that Charles Woods called Barack Obama a murderer and a liar: suddenly, all the anger is gone, he’s calm and even seems to smile a little bit.

    Either Eric Bolling’s anger was feigned or he’s a pure sociopath; either way, he’s a loathsome human being. And you know just how far gone a self-described news outlet is when Geraldo Rivera, of all people, is the voice of reason.


    • incredulous72

      I’ll take “pure sociopath” for $400, Muse. ;-)

    • Victor_the_Crab

      A sleazy, lounge lizard sociopath is more apt.

  • Michael Norris

    Holy fuckin’ rolaids…Wait until Rachel Maddow sees this. Damn.

  • rob black

    We are really running out of ..”at long last have you no decency” moments in this country are we not?
    When a pretend news organization, can hijack a non-issue like this, and blow it up beyond all proportion and common sense, for such nakedly political purposes, they have effectively rendered the first amendment obsolete. They have polluted the marketplace of ideas beyond hope….
    As the de facto propaganda arm for the right, Fox News has become the single most corrosive, destructive force against democracy this country has ever faced.
    I was going to say “since”…..but I cant think of any historical parallels that have such a negative effect on such a large portion of the country. Maybe slavery, but at least we were able to end slavery. What will end Fox News?
    It’s not like they deal in shades of accuracy anymore, they just manufacture bad ideas, repeat them over and over again, and those ideas become reality.
    With this Benghazi abomination, they complete the circle of making actual dissent treason, and actual treason acceptable news programming.

  • GOVCHRIS1988

    Another “Presented without Comment” moment.

    Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll should get a Pulitzer for this.

    • nicole

      Wow. The ignorance is blinding, and much of it based on Romney and Fox News lies. Makes me sick as hell.

    • TerranceGilmore

      Just when I was starting to feel good about this election and the country, I was reminded who the typical Romney voter is and what they believe. Jesus H. Christ we are all screwed.

    • muselet

      Good grief. That much stupid in one place should have caused a singularity big enough to swallow the planet.


    • mrbrink

      They’re so lovable, aren’t they? This president, who they never voted for in the first place– is a socialist, a communist, a Muslim, a liar, someone who hates white people and their problems and just an all around evil human being. He’s taken away all their freedoms and he is going to destroy America … and he’s dividing the country!

      The genocidal racists of idiot-America are feeling left out.

      Only they can save us all!


  • i_a_c

    You have to remember that the standard response from the wingnut Republicans to an attack of any kind is “turn them into glass.” Send in the fighter jets, the drones, the B-2 stealth bombers! They will pay for their transgressions! Who is “they?” Who are we bombing? Who cares? There is no room for nuance or analysis.

    I listened to the podcast last night and you’re right. Benghazi is the Rs’ last chance for any hope at this election. You would not hear a word about this if a Republican were president. If a Democrat stood up after 9/11 and said that President Bush sat there and watched the attack happen, and that he was a liar and murderer and a terrorist sympathizer, their career would be over. But Republicans are allowed to get away with this for some strange reason.