Election 2012

Get Your Ass to the Polls…

...or else this will never happen:

Dave Wissing notes that if final polls from The Economist/YouGov are correct, President Obama will win 303 electoral votes.

The final Reuters/Ipsos polls suggest Obama will win 294 electoral votes.

The final Public Policy Polling surveys point to an Obama landslide of 332 electoral votes.

Seriously, if you or anyone you know thinks the election is over and the president has won -- think again. The polls look really great right now, but if Democrats, who are predictably complacent, stay at home, Mitt Romney will win. Democrats need a wide margin to overcome the voter suppression and ridiculously long lines. Yes, the Justice Department should investigate Husted and Rick Scott for violating the Voting Rights Act, but that will take months. Tomorrow is all that's left. Ignore the polls and vote, vote, vote!

  • Ellen Kuhlmann

    You know, I think something is wrong with the system when in 2012 you have to stand in long lines to vote. IT should be easy, it should be fast, we should have enough polling places, early voting and election day, that no one has to wait longer than say 20 minutes. Here in Washington State it’s all vote by mail, dropped my ballot in the election box Friday, felt great. For all that need to vote tomorrow, persevere and cast your ballot!

  • http://cousinavi.wordpress.com cousinavi

    Ignore the polls and vote, vote, vote!

    Bob Cesca, advocating for vote fraud.

    /vote early, vote often

  • bphoon

    I’m not hearing about complacency; rather, I’m hearing about campaign fatigue and voter discouragement. For example, my wife and I live in Kansas. Deep red state that Romney’s sure to win. She’s fed up with negative campaigns and partisan gridlock and says she’s not sure she’s going to vote since her “…vote won’t count.” My son lives in St. Petersburg, FL. He says all he’s hearing down there is that Romney’s going to win FL and he’s discouraged by the rank incompetence of election officials, especially in South FL. Says he questions whether he should vote.

    Both of these people have been very conscientious voters ever since they first became eligible. Both are discouraged.

    I’ve been explaining to my wife that the popular vote totals matter a great deal for if Obama’s reelected but loses the popular vote, that gives the right wing a lever to claim he’s illegitimate. There are very important down-ballot races for the state legislature in our part of the state as well as local county and state school board races that are close. The GOP candidate for the state school board for our part of the state is a follower of the Westboro Baptist Church, for example! Can you believe that?

    As for my son, who is fiscally conservative but socially liberal, we’ve explained to him that the majority of polls show FL to be a toss-up and is very much in play not to mention the down-ballot races there, too.

    I am flabbergasted that, especially after 2000 and 2004 (my wife and I lived through the 2008 MN Senate race, too) people would lose sight of the fact that every vote counts. Particularly in the face of GOP efforts to depress turnout, this makes GOTV doubly important.

    My solution? I’m getting ready to spend a couple of hours making GOTV calls for DFA.

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      ” I’m getting ready to spend a couple of hours making GOTV calls for DFA.”

      That’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks. I worked at it today too, and plan to do more tomorrow.

      I’m thinking it’ll be a landslide, but I’m worried about all the efforts at vote suppression.

      God, I hate these fascist bastards!

      • bphoon

        Just got done calling for Tammy Baldwin. The briefing said we’d be calling independents and undecideds. 30+ calls, maybe five hang-ups, two refusals to answer q’s, coupla answering machines. All others strong or leaning Baldwin, none leaning Thompson. None.

  • http://mdblanche.myopenid.com/ mdblanche

    When people are waiting five hours in line to vote we’ve got things to worry about, but complacency isn’t one of them.

  • Draxiar

    I’m reminded of the clip in Return of the King when Gandalf and Pippin are having a little chat looking out from Minas Tirith towards Minas Morgul and Pippin basically says that waiting for the battle is worse than being in the moment of the battle.

    I feel like that right now. Waiting for the day of the election at this point is worse than being in the moment of the election going to vote and watching the results and so forth.

  • TerranceGilmore
  • MrDHalen

    If it appears that the GOP voter suppression acts steal this election, I shutter to think of what will happen.

  • The_Dork_Knight

    Well said.

  • Not Sayin

    I can’t think of anyone I know who isn’t voting or who believes the polls support a sure-fire win for their particular candidate. I have seen many things in this election season, but complacency isn’t one of them.