Election 2012

How Much Money Did They Waste?

How much money did the Right Wing waste on this election?

According to the best estimates that are currently available:

Billionaire Casino Mogul spent roughly $53 million during the Republican primary season and the general election.

The Koch Brothers spent approximately $95 million, while Americans for Prosperity, which is largely funded by the Kochs, spent $75 million.

Karl Rove's Crossroads spent at least $271 million and possibly as much as $300 million according to the latest FEC filings.

The pro-Romney Super PAC Restore our Future also raised $143 million.

The Romney campaign itself raised $835 million in tandem with the Republican National Committee.

Meanwhile, Linda McMahon spent $100 million of her own money in 2010 and 2012 and lost both times.

The Obama campaign raised an enormous amount of money as well, over $1 billion in total donated by over 4 million small donors, but did not receive anywhere near as much of an influx of cash from outside groups, PACs, or wealthy individuals. And it wasn't wasted. We won. And we made a tremendous amount of progress last night.

Anyone who called for unilateral disarmament in the face of the Right Wing Money Machine should feel quite the fool today. Democrats played the hand that was dealt to them and came away with a victory.


  • D_C_Wilson

    Imagine how many angry phone calls from donors Rove is taking today.

    “Damnit! You said we had this election good and bought!”

    • bphoon

      Check this out at the 3:26 mark.


    • priscianusjr

      That’s why Rove had that meltdown on national television last night. Hey what the — ? How could anybody think Obama had won Ohio when they didn’t know how many votes Rove was going to steal in Cuyahoga county? But Husted knew the jig was up. The judge whose court order he’d just defied a couple of days earlier, plus very Democrat in America, had their eyes glued to his ass, and thanks to people like Nate Silver and Sam Wang, every one of them knew how many votes were supposed to be in Cuyahoga county. So I’m sure he reconsidered the matter and said to himself, let’s leave it at that, shall we? this is Karl’s problem not mine. Especially when, even if we could pull this off, Obama would still have enough electoral votes to win.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trina-Marleese-Parham/673874364 Trina Marleese Parham

    I would like to thank all of the Right Wing billionaires for their investment in the 2012 stimulus (aka the election). Without your help creating advertising, print, radio,website design, acting and Super Pac jobs the unemployment rate may have never dropped below 8% and we would no have 4 more years of the President Obama. So, thank you for all of your stimulus money!

  • GeneralLerong

    Now, let us tax them.

  • bphoon

    That adds up to $1.497 billion (giving Rove the benefit of the doubt and credit for $271 million). How long would the Bush tax cuts for the 1% have to stay in effect, do you think, for these guys to break even on their “investment”?

    Seems to me if these “job creators” have that kind of cash to throw down the shitter, perhaps it would be better spent re-investing in their businesses to, I don’t know, create some jobs in industries other than advertising firms and broadcast companies.

    • trgahan

      That was my first reaction as well. It seems to shoot down the idea that these guys are somehow naturally better with money and/or smarter/better than everyone else.

      To me, it looks like they’d rather spend their money on seizing power, without earning it, instead of investing in anything.

  • Draxiar

    To add insult to injury…they spent that money not FOR Romney but AGAINST President Obama

  • Zen Diesel

    The clowns overplayed their hands. They assumed the koolaid that the southern states love so much would spill over to 47%

  • Chachizel

    I love that “we the people” won over big money. Lol…thats the kind of stuff that makes this country great

  • http://www.facebook.com/arthur.tiersky Arthur Tiersky

    “We tried to take reproductive rights from women, Medicare from the elderly, safety nets from the poor, Pell Grants from college students, FEMA from disasters, public TV from children, car companies from the Midwest, affordable health care from everyone…I don’t get it. What went wrong?”

  • Ned F

    I think we got a much better return on our investment.