How They Spent The Last Day

In pictures.

President Obama spent the morning hours today calling voters in Wisconsin and urging them to vote.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan flew around the country and went to Wendy's as if the campaign isn't over.

Not that I'd eat a Baconator anyway, but I certainly wouldn't want one on a day like today unless I was feeling extraordinarily masochistic.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Ahh shucks isn’t that sweet? Rmoney’s probably glad he’ll lose so he never has to be around those people again.

  • bphoon

    They must know that, after tonight, it’s all over, especially for Romney. At least Ryan has some kind of future in GOP politics. Romney’s gonna be kicked to the curb before he even realizes it.

    • D_C_Wilson

      I’ll go on record now:

      Win or lose, I’ll bet Romney runs again in 2016.

      • muselet

        If Mitt Romney loses, he’s toast.

        The Rs wouldn’t nominate Romney again, since he would be the guy who managed to lose to the IslamoKenyanMarxist usurper when the economy was being held under by congressional Rs. That sort of thing leaves a mark. Besides, the Rs seem to have a fairly firm “next in line” rule when their candidate loses (Paul Ryan, on the other hand, becomes one of the early frontrunners).

        If Romney were delusional enough to run again in 2016, he’d be competing with Herman Cain for the Clown of the Primary Season award.

        If he loses, I think we’ve seen the last of Candidate Romney.


        • D_C_Wilson

          I didn’t say he’d win the nomination. I just said he’d run.

          He believes his wealth and background entitle him to the highest office in the land, no matter what us peons think.

          • muselet

            He clearly does feel entitled, but I think Mitt Romney’s amour propre will keep him from running again, if only to avoid the unflattering comparisons to Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann.

            But hey, I could be wrong. It’s happened before.


  • Paul Morgan

    Same thing occurred to me when they announced they’d have events. Pretty damned stupid to keep potential supporters out of the voting booth. One last gasp for attention, I guess.