Chris Christie

I Know It’s Way Too Early for This, But…

The Democrats should be very worried about Chris Christie.

Based on his performance during the Sandy disaster, it's clear that Christie could not only win the support of most Republicans, but quite a few moderate Democrats as well. Unless the Democrats nominate a rock star like Hillary Clinton, and unless Christie has an as-of-yet unknown disqualifying scandal in his past, he has a strong shot for 2016.

To that point, however, there's a reason why Romney didn't pick Christie as his running mate. Perhaps there was a red flag in the vetting. Either way, the Democratic Party leadership ought to be courting Clinton because at this point, she might be the only firewall between Christie and the White House.

Adding... He was pretty funny on SNL, too.

  • Betty Jo Complete

    Paul R. was picked because he brought the sexy need to comvince the stoopid womenz not to vote on the usurper’s heat. Chris C. has no sexy for the stoopid womenz.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    First, Chris Christie looks and sounds like one of Tony Soprano’s made men from The Sopranos, something that’s not going to sell too good to Real Americans from the Heartland(TM).

    Second, its WAAAAAY TOO EARLY to be talking about 2016. Put it to bed for a long while.

  • eljefejeff

    Hillary will run in 2016. I think it’s been the plan all along. It’s why she and Bill have been such troopers. It’s why she’s stepping down as SoS, to recharge for a couple years. Obama will give his full support, Biden will not run. Some other democrats will challenge her, but only in an attempt to be chosen VP. It’s hers if she wants it.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Oh yes, this! Even if Chris Christie were to somehow miraculously transform himself into a presentable choice for president, he’ll get his butt kicked by Hillary Clinton, if and when she runs for president.

    • nicole

      Agreed……..mostly. Not completely convinced that she plans to run, but I hope she does.

      16 years of Democrats in the White House………….fucking great!

  • SlapFat

    2012 election…….. 2012 election……. was only a couple weeks ago. Way to soon to launch into 2016 speculation. I was surprised even one news organization did that, but apparently it’s catching on.

  • nicole

    I completely agree. And Democrats who underrate Christie do so at our own peril.

    Adds…….this is especially true as signs of the wingnut effort to rehabilitate their image are becoming ubiquitous, and this will likely continue.

    Reminder: MANY of us never thought that GWB had a snowballs chance in hell of winning or even coming close.

  • roxsteady

    By the way, I hate to be the one to say this but, he doesn’t even sound like a President. I mean, we all thought Bush sounded dumb but, Christie is worse. He talks like a mobster. He doesn’t sound Presidential.

  • roxsteady

    Don’t worry Bob. There is enough video of this blimp insulting teachers, reporters, and even soldiers to sink this blustering tub of lard. Anyone who is running against him will also have the Helikopter Rides to the ball field, his absentee governing while campaigning for Romney, his faux scandal he tried to trump up on Senator Menendez at the urging of Bush’s Justice Department and his Wall Street ties to beat him over the head with. His embrace of Obama will be a faded memory when the New Jersey Democratic Legislature gets through discrediting him. Not to mention Obama’s endorsement of who ever the Democrat running against him is. His temperment will quickly become a liability as the public will be made to see that his Tony Soprano act won’t wash on the international stage, just like John McGrumpy’s. Most of all, this country is so vain that they would never allow Mr. Cholesterol to represent us. We couldn’t endure Putin laughing at us.

  • D_C_Wilson

    As someone who is overweight, I think physically, he could manage it, but I think optics are against him. People want a president who presents strength with his appearance. It’s superficial and unfair, but that’s the way our media-saturated world puts appearance ahead of most everything else.

    • Ned F

      Yeah, but what if he got with Paul Ryan and his P-90 workout, maybe Arnold could give him some pointers, he could be like all “Aaarg”, and flexy, get speech lessons from the Southern Gentleman’s Club, transform his speech, get all proper and stuff. Ann Coulter would swoon. We’d be in trouble.

  • muselet

    Bob, you were the one who said that if Chris Christie ran for president, at least once a week the headline would be: “Christie hospitalized with chest pains”.

    He’s too volatile a personality (there’s your euphemism for the day, kids) to be a successful candidate, and the press pool would be poking him with sticks every day just to make him call someone an idiot. And as Ashby says, Righties will remember Christie not denouncing Barack Obama in the wake of Sandy.

    And yes, good lordy, yes it is way too early.


    • mrbrink

      “He’s too volatile a personality”

      Definitely, and I think this is where Christie comes up short nationally.

      But a couple more scripted public relations stints like that on SNL, or appearances with the president, though, and “volatile” becomes “tolerable,” or worse– endearingly volatile.

  • incredulous72

    Christie is to 2016 what Giuliani was in 2008.

    Way too early.

    • D_C_Wilson

      What does that make Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio then?

      Jindal’s signaling that he wants to be the reasonable republican now and Rubio is already attending birthday parties in Iowa.

      • incredulous72

        “What does that make Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio then?”

        Compared to Christie? Hicks.

        Jindal and Rubio ‘signaling’ that they’re reasonable republicans is not the same as being reasonable republicans. Their policies are ridiculous, short-sighted and extreme. They are the same policies as the republican platform of two months ago, so being reasonable in tone will do nothing for them in the next four years. Hell, McCain in ’08 was reasonable and look where that got him.

        The bottom line with repugs is, if they don’t change their stance on issues, they have no way of defeating any democratic nominee in 2016. It’s not about “their tone”, it’s about their substance and their substance is like that slime in Ghostbusters.

  • chris castle

    Heart disease is the number one killer in America. FACT!

  • TerranceGilmore

    I don’t mean to sound insensitive to overweight people, but I cannot help but think that Chris Christie is too heavy to be a serious Presidential candidate in 2012. I know that we have had overweight and disabled Presidents in the past, but this was well before the modern era.

    I don’t mean to sound like a dick, and as someone who was overweight in the past, I know how touchy this subject is. But being President is really hard. And Christie is unhealthy-overweight.

  • JMAshby

    I don’t think Christie would survive the primaries without going full wingnut much in the same manner Romney barely made it through. In fact, Romney went farther right than his opponents several times. He had to to win. He had to prove he was severely conservative.

    Republican primary voters are rubes and many of them will still be bitter about Christie praising the president for Sandy three years from now.

    • gescove

      Agreed. Christie is quick to anger, says impolitic things in the heat of the moment, and is very overweight… not good traits in a presidential candidate. That said, I’m going to go with “Holy Hell… it’s WAY too early for this!”

    • MrDHalen

      Exactly Ashby! The problem for Republicans is getting through their primary which is dominated by bible nuts, racist, and libertarian whack jobs.

      People say they want a shorter campaign season, but I disagree. The longer the vetting process, the harder it is to hide the insanity raging in the GOP.

      Rubio is already failing the “How old is the Earth?” question and we’re still 3 years out from the next primaries.

    • D_C_Wilson

      I have to agree with Ashby. Christie is going to have to do a lot of groveling before Rush to remove the stain of Saying Nice Things About the Kenyan Usurper from his record.

      He also doesn’t hate Muslims enough, having stood up to the teabaggers when they had a shit fit over a judge he nominated who happened to be a Muslim.

      Right now, he’s persona non grata on Planet Wingnuttia, but he has four years to make up that ground.