Judge: Bobby Jindal’s Jesus Rode a Dinosaur Education is Unconstitutional

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal suffered a setback today when his school voucher program was ruled unconstitutional by a district court judge.

BATON ROUGE - A district court judge ruled today the funding formula in Gov. Bobby Jindal's school voucher program violates the state's constitution.

Judge Tim Kelley made the ruling after a week of arguments and testimony in Baton Rouge. He said it was against the constitution to send money intended for public schools instead to private schools.

Teacher unions and school boards filed the lawsuit, wanting the program shut down. State education officials argued the system was set up in line with the constitution.

Some of the private schools parents use the vouchers to send their kids to are religious schools that teach creationism, among other things.

These 119 non-schools would receive over $4 million of public funding in the first year alone.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Vouchers for schools is really an attmpt to destroy the public school system, undermine secular education and serve as a boondoggle for conservative entrepreneurs. AZ is full of this BS.