Legends of the Fault

Jon Stewart reminds us why John McCain and Lindsey Graham are grotesque hypocrites.

  • js hooper

    Good ole’ both sides do it Jon Stewart…I almost couldn’t appreciate his “takedown” of McCain and Graham…for all of his smart ass BS about how Susan Rice is equal to Condi….It’s classic firebagger Obama = Bush bullshit

    • bphoon

      He injected Condoleeza Rice in there–as others have–to highlight the rank hypocrisy of both McCain and Graham. It’s very effective. The difference here, as Stewart points out, is that while Susan Rice was using the talking points given her by the CIA–which, as we’ve since found, out weren’t entirely inaccurate–Condoleeza Rice knew she was putting out bullshit. That both McCain and Graham would defend C Rice then but lambast S Rice now lays bare both their rank hypocrisy and purely political motivation. There’s no false equivalency meme here.

      • js hooper

        IMO stewart made it appear that Susan Rice knowingly gave false information to the American people…he repeatedly stated that during the clip…and the comparison to Condi was the icing on the cake….to me the mocking of McCain and Graham got mixed in with too much…” OBAMA LIED JUST LIKE BUSH”….bullshit

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Republicans and their fans will never, ever, ever own how wrong they were about Iraq. The unfathomable awfulness of the Iraq invasion, war and occupation, and the consequences thereof, is too much for most people to handle; they can’t carry that kind of guilt, so they block it out. These people have oceans of innocent blood on their hands. They’re in denial.

    • Brutlyhonest

      It’s been a while, but I’ve mentioned here before that I was working as a certain national agency rep to a unified command’s planning team between 9/11 and the entry to Iraq (we were helping CENTCOM with their overflow work). One day we get told to drop our Afghanistan planning and start working on Iraq plans. The One-star General leading the team pretty much said, “Why the fuck would we do that? Iraq had nothing to do with this AND we’re not finished in Afghanistan.” Not an exact quote probably, but it was words to that effect.

      But most of my former colleagues still say it was the right thing to do. They also defend torture and other war crimes. Imagine if a President Gore (or any other Democrat) had done such shit.

  • nicole

    Nailed those two limp pricks!

    Although, he probably should have pointed to the real reason they’re attacking Susan Rice, and that is that they want to encourage force the Pres to nominate someone else for SOS……that is, as long as the someone else is John Kerry, whose acceptance of the position would mean a special election to replace him.

    It’s about the numbers in the Senate, Jon.

  • willpen

    These two need to be set packing on their Asses into the sunset.