More Reasons to Dislike Jay Leno

I think Jay Leno is positioning himself as the Fox News Channel of late night talk show hosts. Here are several recent Mediaite headlines:

Leno Mocks UN Ambassador: Petraeus Mistress ‘Had More Information On Benghazi Than Susan Rice’

Jay Leno Rips President: ‘Good News For The Economy… Obama Is Out Of Town’

Jay Leno Takes Shot At MSNBC: ‘Economy Is So Bad MSNBC Had To Lay Off 300 Obama Spokesmen’

Jay Leno: Obama Reinstates ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Policy… For Questions About Benghazi

I have column coming up on Monday about the MSNBC thing, but regarding Leno, I thought jokes were supposed to be grounded in some sort of truth. The only people attacking Susan Rice were Fox News Channel, AM radio and John McCain -- and now, Jay Leno for some reason. I suspect it has something to do with Letterman's recent emergence as an outspoken liberal, combined with Leno's natural tendency for unfunny, easy hackery.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Thanks a lot Jeff Zucker for keeping this bloated piece of shit on television long after he should have been run off on a rail. You’re the reason why NBC is in the crapper, among other things.

  • missliberties

    It’s an act. It’s not funny.

  • Rob in Denver

    Leno hasn’t said anything resembling a joke in years. Why start now?

  • JWheels

    In my opinion this is just one more reason not to watch Leno among an entire forest of reasons not to. I find he has shallow guests and shallow interviews with them. Every time a celebrity drops another celebrity’s name he goes “oh yeah such and such is great!” Not to say that Letterman’s monologue jokes are much better but they’re clearly trying to appeal to two entirely different audiences. Leno and his writing staff also seem to have a pretty contemptuous view of average Americans, they go out of their way to find exceptionally stupid people for “Jay Walking” and then cater to the lowest common denominator.

  • nicole

    Simple: Leno is a right wing prick with barely enough talent to remain on the air!

    Fuck Jay Leno.

  • muselet

    Jay Leno is lazy, which is ironic, considering how much he works. Given the choice, he’ll always go for the easy joke and the cheap laugh.

    If ever there was a (publicly) non-ideological comedian, it’s Leno. Whoever’s in office he’ll tell jokes about, and if you’re after Mort Sahl-level satire go somewhere else. He and his writing staff look for whatever is being buzzed about, generate some quick one-liners and go back to arguing over whether to order Chinese or Mexican for lunch.

    I’m not really defending Jay Leno (see my first paragraph), but he’s still trying to be Johnny Carson in a changed media landscape.


    • agrazingmoose

      Yeah. When I was in my twenties, I would never miss Carson. I doubt that Leno has any viewers in their twenties.

  • techweenie

    Yes, and I remember when he mocked UN weapons inspectors who couldn’t find WMDs in Iraq. Totally a RW tool.

  • LK3

    He’s a tool. And, I love Jimmy Kimmel’s refreshing honesty on never missing an opportunity to call him out. I bet if we could see the audience at Leno’s, it would look quite similar to the GOP conventions

    • Victor_the_Crab

      I was never a big Kimmel fan until he went on Leno’s show, via satellite feed, and humiliated him and told his fat face off after Leno’s Night of the Long Knives act on Conan O’Brien. It was a thing of beauty.

      • LK3

        It was a thing of beauty! And, especially refreshing to see in Hollywood.

  • Ipecac

    Leno’s audience is primarily (almost exclusively?) older Republicans, so he’s playing to his base.

    • Bob Rutledge

      And we have a winner! That’s exactly it. Tell the GOPTPer jokes they like so they’ll keep tuning in.

  • sherifffruitfly

    he wants to be “the jon stewart of the right” – without noticing that to be the jon stewart of ANYTHING requires sensitivity to what’s true and what’s false.

    • Martin Pierce

      Even if he had the sensitivity to what’s true and false Jon Stewart is very funny and extremely intelligent. Leno is miles away from either of those things.

      • Victor_the_Crab

        THIS! THIS! THIS!

  • Lazarus Durden

    Lets see. Is MSNBC like Fox News:

    1st Debate – MSNBC personalities hammer Obama on lackluster debate performance blowing it way out of proportion. Fox News proclaims Romney won.

    3rd Debate – MSNBC lauds Obama’s performance as do most pundits. Fox News loudly proclaims Romney won.

    Also fuck Glenn Greenwald. He couldn’t find anything good to say about President Obama on any issue. Hell as much as I hated Bush I can find at least two or three good things to say about him. So yeah GG is hardly an objective critic.

    • nicole

      EVERYTHING Laz said!!

    • js hooper

      WTF is up with people relentlessly referring to Glenn Douchewald as a “left wing” critic….That clown is a Koch brothers affiliated libertarian goon…who has as much to do with the left as Alex Jones…he runs around calling Obama a murderer and his supporters Nazis…He shamelessly pimps right wing white supremacists like Ron Paul who want to destroy every liberal social policy this nation has ever instituted…Including rights of women and minorities…and yet this jackass Glenn Douchewald is allowed to be portrayed as a “civil liberties” activist and a voice of the left….The level of dishonesty perpetrated by Greenwald drives me insane.