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MSNBC and the Well-Known Liberal Media Bias

My Tuesday column hits some familiar territory...

Last week, Michael Calderone of The Huffington Post published an extensive item on MSNBC's alleged pro-Obama, pro-Democratic Party bias, as well as network president Phil Griffin's defensiveness about the conventional wisdom's perception of his programming.

I don't have any qualms with Calderone's reporting or the article itself, but the observations he collected were indicative of a chronic and unfair view of MSNBC. Make no mistake, the network has its problems, but a liberal (or Democratic) bias isn't one of them. As fellow liberals have discussed for years, the entire notion of a liberal media bias is a joke. The news media, and especially cable news, is exceedingly deferential to Republicans and is, in fact, predominantly owned by Republicans.

The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism published a bizarre and misleading report about the cable news coverage of the presidential election. This study was the centerpiece of Calderone's article.

The most alarming determination in the report was that during the final week of the election, 51 percent of MSNBC news stories about President Obama had a positive tone, while none of the network's Obama stories were negative. [continued here]

  • D_C_Wilson

    Fox’s commentators are uniformly conservative.

    MSNBC’s commentators are uniformly liberal.

    The difference between the two are in the “real news” hours. MSNBC is far more balanced in its coverage than Fox is. Just look at the farce between Tom Ricks and “anchor” Scott. Scott’s questions were ridiculously leading and they might as well have used to trap door to yank Ricks off the air. They couldn’t end that interview fast enough when he wouldn’t give them the answer they wanted.

  • trgahan

    Yeah, cause if it wasn’t for that darn MSNBC running 51 percent of its Obama coverage as positive in the final weeks, it would have clearly been Romney winning in a landslide.

  • ranger11

    So…what shows should be canceled? Plus I will never accept that Greenwald is on any sort of the Left. Cato Institute/Left? No.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Greenwald is considered leftist because he’s pro-gay marriage and he criticized Bush’s foreign policy.

      That’s it.

      Other than that, he’s about as liberal Bill Kistol and nearly as accurate in his predictions.