Obama’s Katrina

Drudge and the rest of the right-wing goon squad are on the march -- insisting the president isn't doing enough to mitigate the aftermath of Sandy.


Interesting, though, that small government conservatives who would rather leave these matters up to the states and private sector are insisting that the president, who they hate, and the federal government, which they also hate, should be doing more.

Frankly, I wonder why they're not hectoring Walmart and Halliburton to dive in and fix the problem. Shouldn't Drudge be telling the president to keep his government hands off his disaster relief? Socialists.

  • http://www.oss.net RobertDavidSTEELEVivas

    3 million with no power, no gas, no heat, almost out of water and food….and a LOT of advance warning on Sandy that would have / should have allowed prepositioning stocks of water and food. Have you seen the photos? I recommend the TIME series of 70 photos. This *is* Obama’s Katrina.

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      Um, Sandy affected 24 states…half the country, which one could estimate to be about 175 million people. That 3 million you’re complaining about is pretty fucking good. Furthermore if the Republican governors are expressing the fact they think the President has done an outstanding job, and they are the people to actually know what is going on in their states (certainly more qualified than someone like yourself) then I think you’re full of crap.

      • http://www.oss.net RobertDavidSTEELEVivas

        I believe you exaggerate, in as much as I am in one of the 24 states (Virginia) and we do indeed feel lucky, but just under 50,000 are without power. In any event, your opinion (and your profanity) are noted–nothing I can do about that. Should you decide to expand your horizons, here are two web links for you:
        I treasure diversity and believe that even fools have important contributions to make–I speak of both of us.

        • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

          Your comment re Virgina simply reinforces my point. Profanity is a valid form of expressing particular emotions such as frustration and anger, which you purposely provoked. Don’t stir up a hornets nest if you don’t like getting stung. As for your comment about fools…the irony is thick there. In re the sites, So you actually think that the President isn’t intelligent? That’s laughable and not even worth addressing. And the other one, looks like a bunch of conspiracy theorists got together and decided to post info they think is being kept from the world. All you end up doing is being a patsy for the conservative faux news machine. They are producing more noise that hides the real truth instead of parsing useful info that would actually help Americans make clearer choices. But thanks for playing

          • http://www.oss.net RobertDavidSTEELEVivas

            Thank you for sharing your opinion.

            With best wishes,
            Robert Steele

  • Victor_the_Crab

    What a desperate little assface Matt Drudge is.