Our First Contestant

Despite embarrassing losses both in 2010 and 2012, the Right seems no less inclined to jeopardize the safety of their senate seats.

Karen Handel, the former executive of the Susan G. Komen foundation who tried and failed to discontinue the organization's funding of Planned Parenthood, is considering challenging Senator Saxby Chambliss in a primary contest.

“She’s considering it,” Rob Simms, a Republican campaign consultant who worked on Handel’s unsuccessful run for governor in 2010, told the Weekly Standard.

If she ran, she would be going up against Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), whom Roll Call reported may be vulnerable to a primary challenge from the right, given his "willingness to reach across the aisle and his comfort with the idea of compromise."

According to the Weekly Standard, Kay Godwin, the co-chairman of Georgia Conservatives in Action, also said she is hearing that Handel may challenge Chambliss in a primary.

Not coincidentally, Chambliss came out against Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge several days ago, roughly the same time the notion that Handle may challenge him surfaced.

Handel can follow in the footsteps of Sharron Angle, Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Christine O'Donnell, Linda McMahon, and all the other candidates who have cost the Republicans a highly coveted Senate majority.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    I do believe that the increasingly rare animal; ‘Republicanus Moderatus’, is being forced into extinction by a new species; ‘Wingnuttious Ignoramous’.

  • muselet

    Steve Benen points out that Saxby Chambliss has a 92.5 lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, and that his most recent VoteView score makes him the 21st most conservative senator.

    Benen quotes a Weekly Standard piece that says Tom Price, Paul Broun and Tom Graves are also considering primarying Chambliss.

    This could be fun to watch.


    • bphoon

      Wingnut: We’re going to primary your ass!

      Quasi-moderate Republican office holder: Then you’d like a Democrat elected, right?

      • muselet

        Wingnut: First we will get rid of you, you RINO. Then the great American public will see the wisdom of our well-considered policy positions and will elect our chosen candidate, a real conservative, to replace you. No Democrat will stand a chance.

        Oh, sorry, that’s the English-language translation of the response. The original is:

        Wingnut: Hah! We’re going to primary your ass!

        And Saxby Chambliss is by no stretch of the imagination quasi-moderate.


        • http://twitter.com/kerryreid Kerry Reid

          After the sickening ads Chambliss ran against Max Cleland, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.