Election 2012

Quote of the Morning

"First of all, we didn't lose Asian-Americans because they got any gifts. He did worse with Asian-Americans than he did with Latinos. This is the hardest-working and most successful ethnic group in America--they ain't into gifts." Newt Gingrich criticizing Romney's "gift" analysis of the election results

Right on, Newt--- wait. Asian-Americans are harder working than Latinos? Interesting. Gingrich went on to say that Asian-Americans are better at math, too. No he didn't actually say the math thing, but holy hell. These guys are going to be hilariously awful to observe as they bungle their way through minority outreach.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Right on, Newt— wait. Asian-Americans are harder working than Latinos?

    Well, of course, Asians don’t take naps in the middle of the day, but they are terrible drivers, though.

    At least he didn’t say Mitt lost the black vote due to his lack of rhythm.

  • muselet

    There are few things in this world funnier than Newt Gingrich trying to sound like a wise man.

    And the bookers for Sunday yak shows really need to invest in larger Rolodexes.


    • D_C_Wilson

      Was is Paul Krugman who said Gingrich is what a stupid man thinks a smart man sounds like?

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Wait.. what about the Jews?!