Open Thread


Artist - Jimmy Margulies

In other news, the former president of the clerks association of Wisconsin and current head of the association's election communication committee is signaling that the state's organization of clerks would be staunchly opposed to Governor Scott Walker's plan to eliminate same-day voter registration.

Speaking of New Jersey -- I laughed at this for hours last night. Your mileage may vary.

  • rob black

    The coolest thing is…that play was in the middle of about 52 football seconds of the best blooper reel…evah…
    When I tuned in, it was 7-0 Pats…then a run back for touchdown, then a fumble to the house, then the butt play…..? I think that was the order.
    Anyway the whole meltdown was hilarious. Not a big fan of the Ryans…oddly enough, I only caught the second quarter of the RGIII beat down as well.

    • JMAshby

      Interception – touchdown
      Butt fumble – touchdown
      Kick return fumble – touchdown

      All in 52 seconds.

      The Bad News Jets are comedy gold.

  • zirgar

    I happened to see part of The Five over at my parents’ house yesterday, and super-crunchy buttnugget Eric Bolling basically labeled Chris Christie a traitor for cooperating with Obama during the Sandy crisis and aftermath. I really loathe these people.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Super-crunchy buttnugget Eric Bolling. Worst… Candy… EVER!

      • zirgar

        I thought Candy Crowley was…