Taking Tax Cuts Too Far

I may need to have my palm surgically removed from my face after reading this.

State legislators in Michigan held a hearing on Tuesday to consider House Bills 5684 and 5685, which would allow taxpayers to receive tax relief for unborn fetuses past 12 weeks’ gestation. The proposed legislation is an odd push for Michigan Republicans, partly because the state slashed tax credits for children last year — meaning that although parents living in Michigan do not qualify for tax breaks to offset the cost of caring for their own children, they could soon be able to claim a tax credit for an unborn fetus.

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Michigan Republicans are now pushing a bill that would grant a tax credit to any fetus proven to be at least 12 weeks along by December 31st. Calling it an "advance" on the actual tax break the family would receive the next calendar year, the GOP frames the financial help as a chance to offset expenses with pregnancy. [...]

The bill, if it passed, would provide about $160 per family and would cost the state $5 million to $10 million per year, according to the report.

Sometimes we speak in jest of Republicans only caring about children until they are born, but this demonstrates that quite literally.

Michigan has seem some of the most dramatics cuts to education and social programs in the nation over the past several years, and up until the November 6th election the state played host to emergency managers who could dismiss local elected officials without any oversight as a means toward an end of curing the state's financial ailments.

How will the state pay for tax cuts for fetuses? By making more cuts to the social programs they will need once they're born?

  • muselet

    Oh. Good. Lord.


  • Christine Mitchell

    Color me cynical but I see a ploy to increase the white birth rate. I’ve kinda been waiting to see if the GOP was going to find a way to offset the Latino surge. Michigan is 80% white. I see tax breaks for white babies in utero. If more predominately white (or red, take your choice) states start doing this, I think it will go from wacky conspiracy theory to obvious GOP survival strategy.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    The stoopid burns white hot with these so called geniuses!

  • gescove

    Life begins at conception and ends at birth according to Republicans. And what happens if the couple claims the credit but tragically loses the fetus to miscarriage? Are they going to send the tax collector to the grieving couple to get the state’s money back? Holy hell, what is wrong with these people?

  • D_C_Wilson

    The GOP should drop the elephant as the symbol of their party and replace it with a fetus.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Or a big white hairy buttocks.

  • Ipecac

    This is all groundwork for fetal personhood. It’s just a dodge to gradually establish fetal rights so they can go after abortion.