The Benghazi Impeachment

I don't appear to be the only one predicting a Benghazi impeachment crusade against the president if he's re-elected. A friend of Kevin Drum concurs:

"If Obama wins, you'll soon start hearing the impeachment drumbeat building from Fox News types over Benghazi. They'll go through the usual period of finger-pointing and disappointment, but it will quickly shift to a full-throated movement to re-focus their rage on Obama, and Benghazi will be the rallying cry. Trust me. I know these people. It's not going to take that long."

Any mention of the dozen-plus Bush era attacks on U.S. consulates as a point of comparison will be dismissed by the Republicans as another example of the left's Bush Derangement Syndrome even though it's a perfectly valid comparison.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Oh they’ll try. But if they do, these asswipes will soon be reminded, in a big way, of how the Bush administration failed to heed the warnings of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda attacking the World Trade Center. NOBODY with a fucking brain will put up with their shenenigans!

  • D_C_Wilson

    This is why retaking the House is nearly as important as re-electing the president. The republicans only believe in democracy when they win. And when they lose on Tuesday, they are going to go completely apeshit.

  • Razor

    If they try to impeach the only two Democratic presidents we’ve had in 30 years, it will backfire. Badly.

  • Judy Thrush

    No way! The Republicans are only worried about the budget and getting Americans back to work. They said so.

  • jeremydium

    I think that it’s pretty much a given that if Obama is reelected, the Republicans are going to impeach him for SOMETHING.

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    It seems the sphincters are trying to tighten, anectdotelly. In the last two days, I’ve received two ‘spam’ emails from my evangelical friend. Interestingly, both have had anti-Obama content. Nothing pro-romney. I uess if you’ve got nothin’ to sell, you try to tear down the Other Guy.

  • 1933john
  • Sean Richardson

    I hope they do, it will make for a great rallying cry in 2014, when the Repubs have spent two years trying to undo the election and not trying to fix the country at all.

  • Eykis

    I don’t doubt you, however I don not believe the American people are going to put up with much more of the REPIGS Bullshit on anything~