Election 2012

The Big Lie

We won't know how accurate the polls are until the results stream in on Tuesday, but in the waning days of the election President Obama appears to be extending his lead in the key swing state of Ohio. President Obama's message and closing arguments in the final stretch have been consistently positive and upbeat, while Mitt Romney's message and closing argument is one of doom and gloom, and blatant lies to the faces of Ohio voters.

Mitt Romney's overwhelming negativity, his embarrassing "storm relief" event, and his gross lies about Chrysler's intentions to move its Jeep production capacity to China may not be the sole cause of President Obama's renewed strength in the polls, but the amount of bad press Romney has received for it can't be discounted as independent and undecided voters make up their minds.

Here's a quick roundup of local press reactions.

From The Toledo Blade: "Auto Toxin"

In the fi­nal few days of the pres­i­den­tial con­test, Mitt Rom­ney ev­i­dently rec­og­nizes that his op­po­si­tion to the fed­eral res­cue of Gen­eral Mo­tors and Chrysler is costing him voter sup­port he needs in Ohio and Mich­i­gan. So the Re­pub­li­can nom­i­nee is con­duct­ing an ex­er­cise in de­cep­tion about auto-in­dus­try is­sues that is re­mark­able even by the stan­dards of his cam­paign.

The Columbus Dispatch's Ad Watch

Regarding “Jeeps in China,” Romney is pointing to a Bloomberg News piece from last week in which a Fiat-Chrysler official confirmed that the company is considering building Jeeps in China. But the same official said what is being considered is adding production in China — not shutting down American Jeep factories such as the one in Toledo. Chrysler is investing $500 million in its Toledo Jeep Complex and more than 1,000 new jobs were promised there.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Flailing in Ohio, Romney rolls out Jeep ploy"

Mitt Romney is desperate to convince Ohio voters that he's the candidate most committed to the U.S. auto industry -- no matter how much confusion he must sow to do it.

The Youngstown Vindicator: "Romney’s GM and Chrysler ads are an insult to Ohioans"

Mitt Romney’s widely debunked claim that GM and Chrysler are moving auto manufacturing jobs to China after being bailed out by President Obama isn’t just dirty politics. The claim suggests that the Republican nominee for president believes the voters of Ohio are not sophisticated enough to separate fact from fiction.

As of two days ago the only pollster showing Romney with a lead in Ohio was the conservative-leaning Rasmussen. As of today Rasmussen shows Ohio tied.

That could be a coincidence, but I'm more inclined to believe Romney finally stepped over the line. Because it's one thing to exaggerate the record or mislead in a broad, abstract sense. It's another thing entirely to go to a state, lie to their faces about their own jobs, and then expect them not to notice.

As a Democrat and a supporter of President Obama, I would like to thank the campaign adviser who thought it would be a good idea to directly challenge Chrysler's word a week away from the election.

On the other hand, from what we know of Mitt Romney, it's also possible that this is a mess of his own making.

  • mrbrink

    Great points, Ashby. “President Obama’s message and closing arguments in the final stretch have been consistently positive and upbeat, while Mitt Romney’s message and closing argument is one of doom and gloom, and blatant lies to the faces of Ohio voters.”

    And to me, this is the overriding story. The story of Barack Obama and how he and a campaign of, for, and by the people have defeated all these lies and dog whistles and undisclosed corporate cash.

    The story is President Obama teaching the country through actions and words, showing democrats present and future, low information voters, as well as Republican party burnouts who have cultivated and rooted for the corporate overthrow of democracy, that the American people are better than the sum of the intellectual slums they’ve forced us all into. We’re moving on up as a country. And forward.

    To me, Election 2012 is not so much about the failure of Mitt Romney as a man and public figure, maybe a little, but this election is a real people’s triumph over the forces of greed and willful ignorance, led through the darkness by a torch-wielding leader, and the best president in my lifetime– President Barack Obama.

    How’s that “Hopey-Changey stuff” working out for Republicans?

    Because it’s working out just fine for America.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Let’s see now,

    – Have head of mining company force its workers to attend Romney rally in Beallsville, Ohio and miss a day’s pay: CHECK!

    – Have youthful ward Paul Ryan force his way into a Youngstown soup kitchen and pretend to wash dirty dishes for the cameras: CHECK!

    – Tell Chrysler workers in Toledo their jobs will be shipped off to China because of Obama’s bailout, despite Chrysler and GM saying otherwise: CHECK!

    – Buy supplies from Ohio Walmart and use as a prop for Sandy relief victims and remind them to vote for Romney/Ryan because they care: CHECK!


    - Mitt Romney with both thumbs up and a big shit eating grin on his face

  • http://phydeauxpseaks.blogspot.com Bob Rutledge

    The inside-the-bubble downside of locking oneself (and one’s politics) inside the bubble [if that makes sense to anyone but me] is that one forgets that not all of the voting public is dumber than a box of rocks.

  • http://twitter.com/garnerpartyof9 sMITTen Forever

    Rasmussen is not conservative leaning in fact he is the most accurate pollster but keep thinking that and on Wednesday morning I will once again post to your blog but it won’t be as nice.

    • kushiro -

      Translation: “If my guy wins, I will visit your site and be insulting and classless, because I am an awful person.”

    • JackDaniel07

      ahahahaha exactly what Chez talks about in the After Party
      Even Fox News cuts Rasmussen’s biased findings from their poll totals, but ol sMITTened here knows the REAL TRUTH
      “Study it out buddy”

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Nate Silver called. He wants to make a thousand dollar bet with you, Captain Head-up-your-Ass.

    • D_C_Wilson

      “Rasmussen . . . is the most accurate pollster”

      And Fox is “fair and balanced”.

    • rob black

      Hey, great to meet you. Guess we wont be doing it again…..