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The Conservative Whiny Diaper Tantrum Continues

My Wednesday column digs into the roundelay of GOP screeching in reaction to the election, including something called "Barack O'Fraudo":

We've all known a kid who upon losing a board game would freak out, hurl the game across the room and storm off while shouting something like, "This game sucks anyway!" The modern permutation of this unhinged sour grapes tantrum is to chuck a video game controller at the TV. (I sheepishly raise my hand: guilty as charged on the latter.)

It's one thing to suffer a momentary lack of self-control after losing a simple game, especially if the game is stupid, stupid, stupid and doesn't give you a chance to fire before enemies converge on your position seemingly out of nowhere I hate that game! Phew. Sorry. But it's another thing entirely to engage in this kind of silly, irrational behavior as a business owner, politician or political pundit in reaction to the results of an election. It's no surprise the Republicans are doing exactly that.

Last week, I wrote about the nonsensical secession movement. But it's safe to say that it was spearheaded by a marginal, fringe, kneejerk group of mostly throw-back libertarian goofballs. The following examples of apoplexy, however, have come from people who reside squarely in the mainstream of the conservative right... [continued]

  • D_C_Wilson

    These are tough times for conservatives in America. It’s finally dawned on most of them that there isn’t a single issue where they aren’t on the wrong side of history.

    Tough times.

    • bphoon

      It’s finally dawned on most of them that there isn’t a single issue where they aren’t on the wrong side of history.

      I doubt it. They’re delusional as ever.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    If only there was a wayback machine, so that we could use it and go back to the time where Bob went totally apeshit over his videogame. It problably looked funnier than it sounds.

  • rob black

    I have to admit, I am a little surprised at the level of backlash these guys are seeing over their stupidity.
    In the past, it seemed they not only weren’t punished in the marketplace for these kinds of things, but that in some cases, it actually helped them. I think that is what emboldened them this time around…and it is really biting them in the ass.
    You know there had to be some major negative customer input for these ego maniacs to have to publicly back track in this manor.
    It reeks of the hubris enjoyed by people who have never had to struggle with paying the bills, or not going to the doctor because they couldn’t afford it. Health care as a political issue, hits too many people right in the teeth to be casually used as whipping stick like they attempted to do.
    In a larger sense, it seems like there is a real whiff of old fashion populism in the air these days. I hope the democratic leadership can sense that. The most successful candidates in this cycle were the ones furthest to the left. In fact, blue dogs have been taking it on the chin for quite a while. (Claire Mckaskill’s luck of drawing a troglodyte as an opponent not withstanding)….and issues votes are trending the same way.
    Maybe 51% or more of the population really is mad as hell…and doesn’t plan on taking it any more, from their politicians…or their cholesterol merchants.

  • Rich Morgan

    You know, these 1 percenters like Schnatter, Metz and Collins are behaving sort of the way Mittens described the 47 percenters. Sitting around (or at least not working hard) waiting on government handouts (e.g. preferential tax treatment).