The Continued Bigotry of Pastor Rick Warren

My Thursday column...

Earlier this month, I wrote an article in which I suggested that liberals stop hectoring people of faith and simply focus on religious groups and leaders who attempt to undermine or replace secular law with biblical dogma. But wow, they really, really make it difficult sometimes. Especially when they get it as horribly wrong as Pastor Rick Warren did the other night.

You might recall how Warren was invited by the president to deliver the invocation at the 2009 inaugural. As I've mentioned several times over the past couple of years in response to various Greenwald acolytes on the left, this was first of many actions by the president that I vocally opposed. Of course, as you know, if you subsequently say anything affirmative about the president, you're categorically labeled an Obamabot.

Anyway, Warren, who's allegedly one of the reasonable, sane preachers, has a long history of saying offensive things about the LGBT community. Here's what he said to CNN's Piers Morgan about homosexuality... [continue reading]

  • bphoon

    The sad and shameful reality of humanity is that all people are prone to violence, selfishness and impulsivity, regardless of sexuality, race or background.

    The obvious flip side of this is that not all people are prone to same-sex physical/emotional attraction. That’s one difference that helps invalidate Warren’s specious comparison.

    I’m a 21-year Army veteran so I’m more than familiar with the loud-mouthed bravado that usually accompanies some neanderthal’s condemnation of all things gay. In general, the same people somehow deem it necessary to put on some big production to “prove” to people how tough they are. Now, I’m not ready to say all such loud mouths are secretly gay but I will say this: In my experience and in general terms, a loud mouth who spends the bulk of his time convincing people of his toughness is insecure about just that. He’s privately scared shitless that he’s a coward. Likewise, a loud mouth who engages in the same practice where homosexuality is concerned is very insecure about his sexuality; he’s privately scared he’s gay.

    As to toughness, I’ve learned it’s the quiet ones to look out for: they’ll only prove their toughness when they need to and only through actions. Likewise, someone who is secure in his sexuality doesn’t need to spend a lot of time bragging about it and putting others down for theirs. (DISCLAIMER: I’m using the generic “he” and “his” here. All this equally applies to women.)

    I’ve heard a great question from those who support same sex marriage to the Rick Warrens of the world: “If God made all His children in His image, how come so many of them are gay?” Another question I’ve posed: “If sexual orientation is a matter of choice rather than something inherent in a person’s make-up, when did you make the conscious decision to be heterosexual and why?”

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Dan Savage had a good response to those suggesting homosexuality is a choice. Which is: “If you think people choose to be gay, then prove it by sucking my cock.”

  • agrazingmoose

    Allow me a minute to be terribly immature. A “pastor” of a church called “Saddleback” has a problem with homosexuality?

    The real problem that Rick faces is that people like me are trying to get the IRS tax exemption taken away from the “churches” of people like him. And from him, church ministers get great personal tax exemptions.

    He is just making strategic moves (book tour, gin up some hatred towards gays, try to convince people that Obama is trying to take away their religious freedoms) in order to strengthen his support in this inevitable battle.

    • muselet

      A “pastor” of a church called “Saddleback” has a problem with homosexuality?


      And whether he realizes it or not, he and his church are being laughed at (in part because of that) even as we speak.