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The Contra-Reality Election

My Election Day column...

So this is it. In several hours we'll know whether millions of Americans will receive affordable, portable, and, in some cases, non-profit healthcare. We'll know whether women will retain their basic human rights and personal dignity. We'll know whether American voters have re-elected the president or elevated a man who represents and indeed boasts everything that caused the Great Recession.

Certainly there have been other elections this pivotal. 1860, 1932, 2000 and 2008 are definitely on this list. But in our lifetimes, I don't recall another election when the stakes were higher -- when the lives of millions might not only be enhanced but, in fact, saved if the incumbent president is re-elected. And, remarkably enough, we're talking about laws that are already on the books and a Republican challenger who, as part of his agenda, has vowed to repeal those laws as his primary goal.

But there's not much else I can write at this point to convince anyone to vote for the president. So then what have we learned?

We've faced a Republican Party that's reduced campaigning to new depths of deception and cynicism. [continued]

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  • bphoon

    Slightly off topic, but for months now I’ve been asking this question of the Firebaggers of the world: “If Obama’s so bad, who is your alternative? Romney?”

    I think I finally got my answer this morning via Huffington Post here. This post includes this:

    Voting is among the choices you have – and a very important one – but it is not the only thing you can do. In the short term, you must vote for the best of the choices you realistically have, otherwise you are aiding and abetting disaster.

    This is the precise point you’ve been trying to make to these idiots, Bob. At least douchebag Uyger finally gets that much.

    The answer to the question above that I’ve been waiting so long to hear? “Nobody.”


    • muselet

      The problem is that all too many Firebaggers and EmoProgs are proudly unreasonable and unrealistic and declaring themselves opposed to “lesser of two evils” choices, even going so far as to ask those who choose to acknowledge reality whether Hitler or Stalin was the lesser of two evils.*

      Congratulations to Cenk Uygur (and Robert Scheer, as I mentioned yesterday) for realizing elections aren’t games, but they helped create the irrational, purist Lefty position in the first place.


      * No exaggeration. I really did see such a question posed, followed by several “good point!” responses.

  • trgahan

    It is one thing to have 24/7 propaganda networks like the right does; but most people who listen to it are already convinced of that “reality” and are just looking for someone to validate their opinions. The old “it’s ok I think because the TV/radio said…” routine.

    If the President is re-elected, will America be ready for the reaction of half its population that WANTS to believes the world of AM radio and Fox News?

  • nicole

    A piece which fits perfectly this day in which America hangs on a precipice.

    Thank you, Bob, for all you’ve done to support the President, and supporters of the president. The past four years would have been much more difficult without your voice.

    Can’t freaking WAIT to watch Republicans go completely off the edge tonight! FTW!!

  • Madam1

    Outstanding column, Bob. This has been the longest and most horrific display of cynical politicking I’ve ever seen. I am so happy it’s coming to an end, but won’t relax until all is said and done and PBO gets four more years to complete the long game he planned on winning.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    [Double post]

    • JackDaniel07

      I would have read it twice :)

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I call it the paracosm. Republican politics is an elaborate, ongoing, 24/7 production of improvisational theatre; The Truman Show in reverse.

    I wonder how anyone can see it any other way. Hasn’t anyone noticed that Republican politicians, media enablers and fans have spent the past four years pretending to be outraged by things they were fine with in 2005, and pretending to be fine with things they were outraged by in 2005? Not to mention treating made-up nonsense and wild speculation as credible, objective “facts” and as “proof” of whatever ridiculous characterization of reality is being peddled on Fox that day.

    I can’t count how many times a wingnut gave me a link to “proof” of whatever it was saying, and the link turned out to be a link to a blog linking to another blog linking to another blog linking an opinion piece on WorldNetDaily or Fox Nation, which itself contained a link to another news source whose article didn’t even come close to saying what they want to think it said. They actually use each other’s opinions as proof of each other’s opinions, as proof that their own opinions are correct. Someone else thinks [X], so I know [X] is true, and more importantly, [X] is a fact.

    Well, tonight we’ll find out if the most disgusting, cynical, ugly, mendacious, destructive, treasonous four-year political strategy in modern history pays off. Will the American People reward and validate it, or will we repudiate it?

    • D_C_Wilson

      It’s a never ending daisy chain of crazy.

  • bphoon

    Great way to encapsulate the entire Republican agenda in one column. I’m a partisan, of course, and I know I can only speak from my perspective but I’m just flabbergasted that Romney gets any votes. To my mind, anyone who still supports him is guilty of either willful ignorance or outright idiocy.

  • caribbeanobserver

    Nice one Bobby. Good call. And all I can add is this ….

    Dear Voters in America,…just ‘do the damn thing’ and bring it home,
    from a staunch PBO supporter all the way in sunny Trinidad.