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The Papa

Artist - Rob Tornoe

We have yet another CEO threatening his employees following President Obama's reelection, but this one claims it's because of the so-called "fiscal cliff." As if the federal deficit has anything at all to do with hiring at a private health insurance provider.

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini joins a growing list of corporate strongmen who fancy themselves as dictators.

  • trgahan

    Does Bertolini mean the “Fiscal Cliff” brought on by the corporate backed astro-turfed Tea Party cacus who, after 8 years of federal deficit spending building empire, is massively concerned about the debt and the deficit?

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    And, I am still convinced that private health insurers bring no value.

  • muselet

    Sarah Anderson and Scott Klinger are not impressed by the Fix The Debt coalition.

    … [H]ow do they propose we put our fiscal house back in order? By squeezing programs for the poor and elderly, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    Fix the Debt claims their agenda is not just about spending cuts. But when it comes to their tax proposals, they use the slippery term “pro-growth reform” to push for cuts in deductions that are likely to include credits for working families and — you guessed it — more corporate tax breaks.

    Someone please remind me why we take these people seriously.


    • mrbrink

      Fix The Debt is ridiculous. But I think it’s an entertaining breakthrough for the CEOs of fuck all to finally make overtures toward an actual apology for what is so obviously their counterproductive obstruction that’s been causing all matter of trouble, even if it comes across like The Fonze, softening their resistance to a slight increase in their taxes for a more balanced approach to debt and deficits is their half-assed way of facing a slice of reality they’ve knowingly suppressed for so long. They still hide behind the phrase, “pro-growth,” but in this context it’s more like a surrender. Like a father that gives in to a child’s Christmas wish for heat and a winter coat.

      They’re so full of shit. They seem to believe they’re leading some bold revolutionary epiphany. But they all know that their taxes are going to go up to pay down the deficit, with or without their surrender-blessings.

      This is hilarious to me.

  • agrazingmoose

    Bertolini is just bummed that he isn’t in the health care insurance business. Property/Casualty insurers are seeing the writing on the wall regarding the effects of climate change on their bottom line.