Open Thread

The Power of the Vote

Artist - Jeff Parker

Chris Rock has a message for white voters; vote for the white president you can trust -- Barack Obama.

  • The_Dork_Knight

    Looking forward to casting my second vote for Barack Obama tomorrow, and I know you all are too. Good luck, and keep fighting the good fight, yeah?

  • rob black

    This is it, and it’s not looking pretty.
    Long lines of voters, intimidation, misinformation, last minute doomsday religious warnings (thanks Eddie Munster, you wont be missed) noxious robo-calls….
    They are acting like cornered animals..and with the 24/7 fear machine blaring non stop idiocy in their ears…who can blame them….well…I can.
    If your ideas of governance are so onerous, the major leg of your strategy for victory is to physically stop people from voting… have already lost. If that strategy is successful, then we all lose.
    2 years ago, you burned your uniforms and walked away from the scene of the crime, re-branded yourselves after people who fought for no governance without representation.
    Now the reprobates you bullied into power are fighting tooth and nail to make sure a whole lot of us will have no say in who represents us. You don’t know the meaning of the word “democracy”, you are not patriots. At best you are dupes, at worst craven ignorant opportunists.
    I think this is your last stand, and given the tactics you are employing, apparently you agree.
    I hope the people turn out in such massive numbers that it overwhelms your attempts render them irrelevant. I hope the numbers are so lopsided even you are appalled by your bullying. I hope for such a resounding defeat, that your candidate, who in other better times would have been labeled a joke, and laughed off the national stage…is humiliated at long last into the obscurity he so richly deserves.
    Since it appears you are unfamiliar with the concept of shame……here is hoping tomorrow reacquaints you with it.

    • The_Dork_Knight

      I hope that after tomorrow, Obama remains president, Elizabeth Warren is the senator elect for Massachussets, Capital punishment is banned in my home state of California, Gay marriage becomes a right in Maine and Maryland and Minnestota and Washington and I never have to hear from the likes of Wilard Romney and Michelle Bachman again, marking the beginning of a better, more rational and decent Republican Party. Can we do all these things? Yes we can.

      • bphoon

        Add to that list: And recreational use of marijuana will be legal in Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

        If (when) Willard loses, the GOP will kick him to the curb so fast you’ll barely be able to see it. If Michele Bachmann loses, she’ll become a Fox News contributor. Her batshit crazy will continue to be reported right alongside Sarah Palin’s.

    • bphoon

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks.

  • muselet

    Randall Munroe has some words of wisdom for the politics-obsessed.