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The Republican Party’s “Black Friends”

My Monday column:

Jonah Goldberg's recent column, To Appeal to Black Voters, GOP Must Run Gauntlet of Racism Accusations, is hilariously awful. I'll swing back around to it presently.

But first, over the weekend, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs tweeted that if you're wondering whether the baseless Republican attacks on UN Ambassador Susan Rice were racially motivated, you should read the comment sections on any random conservative blog and your worst suspicions will be confirmed.

I'm sure for many hardline right-wingers this might be true, especially after minority voters helped to resoundingly crush their tiny shriveled souls in the election. But, frankly, I don't think it's the case across-the-board. Conservatives hate everything the president does, and everyone with whom he surrounds himself, including Rice. So as soon as Rice stepped onto the Sunday show sets and talked about the Benghazi situation, she was the next Obama administration player in line for the wackaloon conspiracy theorist and conservative entertainment complex meat grinder.

Yes, if she's nominated for Secretary of State, conservative racists will oppose her because she's black. And yes, others will oppose her because it's the opposite of what the president wants. And others will combine both, using flimsy attacks on Rice's character mixed with subtle dog-whistles. All three approaches are predictable modern Republican Party strategies.

But Jonah Goldberg doesn't believe there are any racists in the Republican Party. [continued...]

  • D_C_Wilson

    I saw Lincoln this weekend. I noticed with amusement that back then, the Republican party had a conservative faction and a liberal (they called it “radical” then) faction that operated essentially as parties-within-a-party. The radical faction was controlled by Thaddeus Stevens who wanted to abolish slavery at all costs while the Blairs controlled the conservatives and cared more about ending the war.

    Picture that. The two wings on the GOP consisted of one group that wanted equality among the races and the other that wanted to end war. See any of that in today’s Republican party?

    The idea that you can extrapolate back 150 years and ascribe the positions held then to the parties today is pretty ridiculous. Then again, Jonah Goldberg is an expert on being ridiculous.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    At this point in his life, Jonah Goldberg deserves to have fingers pointed at him and laughed at by rational people for being such a massively ignorant dumbfuck.

  • muselet

    If Goldberg was willing to be honest …


    The LA Dog Trainer runs Jonah Goldberg’s syndicated column every Tuesday. Why that is, I can’t begin to explain. I assume it’s to shore up the paper’s defenses against Righty accusations of liberal bias, but that’s pure speculation. Certainly it’s not because he brings insight or wit to any topic.

    His “Democrats are the real racists” column is standard Goldbergian waffle. He begins with a heavy dose of “these are the conclusions on which I base my facts,” adds claims of bad faith on the part of liberals and tops it off with some projection; 750 words later, he’s off to do whatever it is he does with the other 23½ hours of his day. It’s lazy and dishonest and as predictable as the sunrise, and yet he makes a living at it.

    We should be glad Jonah Goldberg is as lazy as he is. If he weren’t, he might cough up even more disingenuous nonsense.


  • rob black

    This ranks right up there in the “socialism is really fascism because it’s in the brand name (Nazi)” moronic historical revisionist bizzaro world nonsense they trot out to keep the drool buckets filled among the bagger base.
    In the old days, you could almost always trace it back to Beck…or Coulter. I guess Jonah was feeling left out.
    LBJ explained it fairly well in talking about passage of the Civil Rights Act: “We (democrats) just lost the south for the next 40 years”…..I guess because of all that left wing racism?

  • nicole


    Republicans need to take a long, hard, look in the mirror.

    And……..Jonah Goldberg is a fucking idiot!