The Toonces Gambit

Some Democrats and liberals want to put "Toonces the Cat Who Could Drive A Car" behind the wheel and let the car fly over the cliff.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Some Democrats are pushing an unorthodox idea for coping with the "fiscal cliff": Let the government go over, temporarily at least, to give their party more bargaining leverage for changes later on.

The idea has plenty of skeptics, and the White House regards it frostily. But it illustrates the wide range of early negotiating positions being staked out by Republicans and Democrats as lawmakers gathered Tuesday for their first postelection talks on how to avoid the looming package of steep tax hikes and program cuts.

Just as brazen, in the eyes of many Democrats, is the GOP leaders' continued insistence on protecting tax cuts for the rich. President Barack Obama just won re-election, campaigning on a vow to end those breaks.

I totally get the strategic advantage of appearing as if you're too willing to do it. (But I hope they're not entirely serious because it would risk a double-dip recession. Plus, who says they'll be able to pass something ex post facto given Republican filibusters and House obstructionism?)

  • D_C_Wilson

    But you really have to be worried when they start talking about the Tooncinator Gambit.

  • MrDHalen

    Hey, there’s Victoria Jackson before she went batshit crazy.

    • Kerry Reid

      But her limitations were obvious even then. I read one of those backstage-at-SNL-tell-alls a few years ago and she was yammering about how mean Nora Dunn and Jan Hooks were to her, and Hooks’ reaction was basically “Whatever. You’re a grown woman. Use your goddamn lower register.”

    • D_C_Wilson

      From what I’ve read, she was batshit crazy even then.