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The War on Christmas in the Daily Banter Mail Bag

This week's questions for Chez, Ben and I:

1) Are you at all surprised that Republicans are finally admitting they tried to keep blacks and other minorities from voting in the presidential election and what do you think the admission will mean for them next time around?
-- Tracy

2) Who was the lesser presidential candidate, John McCain or Mitt Romney?
-- Frederic

3) How are you preparing for the War on Christmas? (Me and my family have gathered canned goods, flashlights, a first aid kit, and we cleared out space in the basement we can turn into a shelter.)
-- Carl

Answers here.

  • Mark Bloom

    When it is black Friday, the traditional American day of buying stuff to give away on Christmas day, do I say “Savy Shopping” or “Grateful Giving”?

    Once Thanksgiving is past and Advent not yet started, it is not a Holy day so should I not say Holi-day?

    If I wish someone a happy Yuletide season am I suggesting they are traditional Germanic pagans or has the 12th century adoption of the twelve day yule festival by some English monks what I am recommending to them?

    My Jewish friend, who happens to be in the construction trades, has a birthday on December 25th. Is it wrong to say “Happy Birthday” to him?

    Another friend who has common protestant faith that has no equivalent of “Mass” like those of the Catholic’s do, yet she still attends to her church on Christmas Day to listen and learn. Should I wish her a “Happy Christ Sermon” instead?

    On December 26th what is the proper greeting? “Happy Post Christmas”? “Merry Pre-New Year”? “Opps I gave the wrong gift to Charity day”?

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Hey Chez. I wanna see pictures of those ground to air missiles with the words “SEASON’S GREETINGS, BITCH!” painted on the sides. ‘Cuz they sound FUCKING AWESOME!

  • GrafZeppelin127

    You know what I find ironic about the War on Christmas™? I’ve never met, known, seen or heard anyone get offended by being told “Merry Christmas,” seeing a sign that says “Merry Christmas,” or receiving a card that says “Merry Christmas.” But I have met, and do know, people who get offended by being told, or seeing signs, or receiving cards that say “Happy Holidays.”

    Imagine that.

    • nicole


      The nutcases cannot stand inclusiveness, cause, you know……ONLY Christmas matters.

  • Chipshop-Forks

    I made this image last week… thought you guys might like to use it for your War on Christmas!

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Where does one sign up?