Unskewed Fraud

Dean Chambers, of unskewed "effeminate wizard" fame, has launched a new website titled "Barack O'Fraudo" wherein he alleges President Obama won reelection through voter fraud.

I won't be linking to it, so here's the screenshots.

I couldn't care less about the ravings of an obvious right-wing paranoiac like Chambers, however his commentary and analysis, if you can call it that, was brought to the forefront of the 2012 election cycle by Fox News, the major networks, and columnists up and down both sides of the political aisle weighing in for or against his assertions.

He was needlessly and recklessly elevated as a voice of authority, particularly by the right, and he's now using his position to allege that the Obama campaign committed mass fraud.

The question now is will Fox News and columnists at mainstream conservative garbage heaps such as the National Review offer the same level of exposure to this conspiracy theory as they did his allegations that the polls were "skewed?"

Now that the election is over and the horse race has come to a conclusion, they may not. Promoting this idea wouldn't increase their business as much as leading viewers to believe the presidential race is "razor tight" did.

But this is Fox News we're talking about. Anything is possible.

  • Sean Richardson

    Looking on the page, his claim is that the fact that the media reported for months that Obama was winning was “voter suppression”.


    Here’s a great quote. If you can translate this into English, you’re a better person than I:

    “It is beginning to appear that the likely Romney victory, even it was to be close, that many believed was going to happen was actually going to happen if it was reversed with vote fraud. ”

    EDIT: Even better, he explains how Carter would’ve had to steal 16 states to win the election, where Obama would’ve only needed to steal 4, meaning that it would be so much easier, and therefore more believable.

  • caribbeanobserver

    What is amazing to me is that people are sooooooo consumed with hate that they actually sit in their living rooms and come up with this kinda ‘crazy’ , and then find a platform i.e the gullible msm to spout it on..And then even more incredible, is that the blogs saturate us with this, two weeks after an election!!!!!

  • mrbrink

    Like they got stung trying to sting, and can’t figure out how Henry Gondorff outsmarted them for their bag full of 3 million stolen votes.

    Maybe the Justice League prevented the great wingnut election theft of 2012 and we’ll never know? Or maybe the Men In Black were working with an immortalized alien Abe Lincoln behind the scenes to bring about an end to the migrating Idioteetot invasion?

    Or maybe Dean Chambers is living proof that America made the correct choice at the ballot box?

  • muselet

    As commenter “MrMoose” said over at TPM, “Looks like someone is looking for that 16th minute…”


  • Lazarus Durden

    Give you an example of why the GOP is getting their ass kicked even on a small scale.

    I’m President of the College Democrats at ETSU. It’s deep red country so I have several moderate Republican friends. Tonight we were having dinner with another person, an African American student who expressed his desire to get into politics. So my friend, the Republican, started talking about the College Republicans who don’t do shit but go out to local chain restaurants and drink for their meetings. Basically they’re a social club.

    So I made my pitch about what we do, how we’re trying to promote political awareness on campus, what issues we stand for, how we’re going to put together petition and e-mail drives to support the President’s agenda post election. So my GOP says “Don’t listen to him. The College Republicans are way better.”

    “Oh so what do you stand for?” He asked.

    Nothing. She couldn’t answer him. To which I responded. “Democrats are for equality and social justice for all people. We’re for raising political awareness and promoting issues that concern students, and young voters but also how those issues fit into the larger political sphere. We’re for educating students about specifics on major issues, and how those issues are framed by both parties and the main stream media. We support the President and the Democratic party because they’re the only party that currently cares about what’s important to us and the country as a whole not just wealthiest Americans.”

    Needless to say he’s coming to our next meeting. And that’s why the GOP will continue to lose the youth vote because they have no message. They only have lies, hatred, and delusion.

  • rob black

    beefy, big, blimp, bovine, brawny, broad, bulging, bulky, bull, burly, butterball, chunky, corpulent, distended, dumpy, elephantine, fleshy, gargantuan, gross, heavy, heavyset, hefty, husky, inflated, jelly-belly, lard, large, meaty, obese, oversize, paunchy, plump, plumpish, ponderous, porcine, portly, potbellied, pudgy, roly-poly, rotund, solid, stout, swollen, thickset, weighty, whalelike

  • Bob Rutledge

    That boy — ah say, that boy — is skewed in the haid.

  • Treading_Water

    Unskew the Vote!!

    If you just take all the blah people, ladyparts owners, immature mooching college students, and non-traditional marriage proponents (basically, everybody except old white men) and ignore their votes, then Rmoney wins the Unskewed Election and is the Preznit of Unskewed Amurka. If only Dean could Take Our Country Back to before the 15th amendment then we wouldn’t have to count all those pesky minority and women’s votes.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Poor big diaper baby Dean Chambers. He can’t handle the fact that he got his ass handed to him by that effeminate wizard on election night just because that wizard used such stupid stuff like math and statistics, and not on HIS absolute sure fire method of pulling whatever’s out of his ass – which usually comes from a rather long lunch at the local buffet house. So now, he’s trying to prove that the Obama campaign engaged in voter fraud to steal the election, and he’s using that same ass of his to get his info. Boo-hoo.

    I’d feel sorry for him, if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s come comically unglued.

  • GOVCHRIS1988

    Dear Bob,

    Can you just call this asswipe a fat dumbshit and this time don’t give a fuck whether his tighty whities get bunched up his gelatinous ass crack this time? Because he SO deserves it for this. Seriously, Pennsylvania? The one state that hasn’t gone Republican in a Presidential race since Dukakis/Bentsen 88. Just goes to show you braindead stupidity does not go away with these fuckers at all.

  • Justin Rosario

    Bob, don’t forget. Chambers is also claiming Obama engaged in “voter suppression” using Karl Rove’s new definition. I’ll bet you money this definition becomes the standard for Fox and the right. Dilute the meaning and suddenly it’s a “both sides do it” thing.

  • Kerry Reid

    As long as the president is still a NI-CLANG!, they will promote any cray-cray thing that they can. Though I suspect sooner rather than later they will forget Atwater’s advice about dogwhistles and just start waving the Confederate flag and hosting simulated lynchings on television.

  • M312

    Odd, the only known instances of voter fraud were Republicans “testing” the system. Idiots.

    • Ned F

      And getting caught at it also, proving the system works. Imagine that.

      • M312

        Indeed. Think Fox News or WND or good ole Dean will help pay the legal fees of these suspected felons? Nope, me neither.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Hmmm…. It seems the “evidence” of voter fraud in three of the four allegedly stolen states (PA, OH, FL) amounts to, quote, “Democrats are known for years for stuffing the ballot boxes in [insert place(s) here].”

    The “evidence” for the fourth (VA) amounts to the fact that Romney appeared to be leading there for a while on election night.

    Allrighty, then.

    • Ned F

      Well gee, he still won anyway despite the fraud in those “black” states.

      • GrafZeppelin127

        I think the point of that webstie with respect to the “black” states is that he won because of the fraud, not despite the fraud.

        • Ned F

          I was thinking if you discounted the black states he would not have won, but you’re right. Slow brain, long day.

    • D_C_Wilson

      What kills me is how Fox is once again hyping the image of one guy standing outside of one precinct in Philadelphia as proof of the democrats stealing the PA election. It’s like they think, despite the fact that the GOP never wins in Philly, they totally would have taken not just Philly, but the entire state if it weren’t for that meddling NBP guy!

  • D_C_Wilson

    Anything to undermine the legitimacy of the Kenyan Usurper ™. I’m sure he’ll be a Fox “News” contributor by January.