Chris Christie

Chris Christie and Being Fat

You probably heard about this awkward moment between Christie and interviewer Barbara Walters:

"There are people who say that you couldn't be president because you're so heavy. What do you say to that?"

"That's ridiculous," Christie shot back. "I mean, that's ridiculous. I mean I don't know what the basis for that is."

"I think they're worried about your health," Walters said.

"Well, I've done this job pretty well and I think people watched me for the last couple weeks and during Hurricane Sandy doing 18-hour days and getting right back up the next day and still being just as effective so I don't really think that would be a problem," he said.

Obviously Christie's health is his own business, but there are two serious concerns with his obesity. 1) The United States is much, much larger than New Jersey, obviously, so can he survive the physical rigors of a two year, coast-to-coast campaign for president? And 2) If he wins, will he be healthy enough to serve? Frankly, I don't think it's possible. A presidential campaign and the presidency itself have shattered far healthier men.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Chris Christie looks and sounds like one of Tony Soprano’s made men. Is that going to play well in the Heartland?

  • bphoon

    The United States is much, much larger than New Jersey, obviously, so can he survive the physical rigors of a two year, coast-to-coast campaign for president?

    That was Steve Schmidt’s point on MSNBC last night. I’d expect he’d know and he said, not surprisingly, that a presidential campaign is one of the most exhausting things a person can do. He said there is no comparison between that and the work Christie’s been doing in the wake of Sandy.

    Once elected, though, the rigors of the Presidency are well documented. No matter how fit you may be, four years of that will age you rapidly.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Yup. Just look at Obama. He’s already got grey hairs poping out from the top of his head. It’ll be mostly grey by the end of his second term.

  • gescove

    Bill Clinton was ridiculed for being too fat. Al Gore was ridiculed for being too fat. I don’t see how Chris Christie avoids worse treatment.

    • drsquid

      If he were only like Gore, no one would notice, because It’s Not OK If You Are A Democrat.

    • roxsteady

      Neither of them were as fat as Christie is. I’m sorry but, he’s not just fat and sloppy. He doesn’t have the temperment. There is absolutely nothing presidential about him. And trust me, that YouTube reel is going to come back to bite him in the ass.

  • drsquid

    Everyone’s favorite line from Betty Cracker:

    “I half expected Christie to respond that if a woman with a speech impediment could become a top broadcast journalist, surely a fat man could aspire to the highest office in the land.”

    • Bob Cesca

      Good one.

  • roxsteady

    I find him repulsive. I’m sorry but, I’d also find it hard to believe that this country would want to be represented by a fat bully. And this is of less concern but, only to some extent, I can just see Putin laughing at us and mocking him. Christie is the picture of everything that is wrong with our country. That Big Pussy act might play well with the idiots here in my state who voted for him but, I see him as an embarrassment. Thankfully, he’s also put together a YouTube reel of his countless Jersey Shore style outbursts and insults to citizens of this state and local reporters. That whole “American Exceptionalism” thing is crushed under his weight. This country is much too vain to elect somone as fat as he is. He just doesn’t have the polish and diplomacy that you’d expect from a president.

  • Daniel P

    I say this as someone who has been in his weight range in the past.

    There is zero chance his heart makes it through a term as President. At that weight, you are a litany of health issues just waiting to happen. Cardiovascular issues. Diabetes. Metabolic problems.

    If there’s anyone I would recommend some form of bariatric surgery to, it would be Chris Christie. For the sake of his own health.

  • Jeff Fecke

    You may want to look into Health At Every Size. You can be fat and be healthy — and conversely, skinny and sickly. We’ve made fat a proxy for health, but if you’re active, even obese people have similar mortality rates to those who are skinny. Obesity is mainly a problem if you’re sedentary.

    Not saying that Christie may not have health issues — he has asthma, which could be a problem — but simply being fat is not enough to make that determination.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Jeff, I agree. If you want some historical anecdotal look at Harrison, regular weight, died of pneumonia. Harding, ditto. Personal anecdotal:
      I know someone who, if you were to look at her, is clearly obese. However, she is an incredibly active person. Works full time, plays softball in the warm months, is a year round volunteer fireman and quite frankly has faster reaction skills than I have (which is saying something because I’m pretty darn quick). She’s rarely ever sick, maybe the occasional cold but that’s it. So weight isn’t the only determinate. Some people are just big AND robust. I think a healthy immune system is far, far more important.

      • mrbrink

        I don’t see Chris Christie as “size active” overweight. A 300 pound lineman might be active, but Chris Christie might actually have to be lifted out of office via crane someday.