Chrysler Posts 32nd Consecutive Month of Sales Growth

Good news -- the hype and fearmongering over the so-called "fiscal cliff" is not having an impact on domestic auto sales. In fact November sales reached their highest point since 2007.

Chrysler, Ford and General Motors saw their November sales rise by 14%, 6.5% and 3.4% respectively.

Industrywide new vehicle sales are expected to increase 12% from November 2011 as rising consumer confidence and more generous holiday incentives bolstered sales. [...]

"Even with all the talk of a looming fiscal cliff, Chrysler Group is well positioned for a strong sales finish to the year," said Reid Bigland, Chrysler's head of U.S. sales and CEO of the Dodge brand said in a statement. "We are expecting a strong December as the industry continues to recover from the East Coast hurricane and consumers continue to respond to our popular year-end Big Finish event."

Chrysler saw its 32nd consecutive month of sales growth during the month of November. Because, you know, the company imploded just as predicted after they received a federal bailout.

"Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" will likely be remembered as a defining position of the Republican party at this current period in our history. Mitt Romney may have written the column, but it was adopted by the entire party as their official position on rescuing the auto-industry. And they rode that position all the way to electoral defeat.

  • schoonerjb60

    The Republican hopes for Obamas failure should be recognized as a traitorous, unpatriotic partisan ploy. Their rich benefactors assumed they could buy the presidency for Romney someone who with tax cuts for the rich was deserving their millions. Sheldon gave ~$ 200 millions so he could save ~$1 billion in tax the rich scenarios. Sheldom should be made to pay for his tory partisan attitudes along with the rest of the 1%ers that think of themselves as job creators.

  • mzmijewski

    I think they would be happy if everyone but the 2% went bankrupt. Then they would try to blame it on socialist Democrats.