Crazy Person Tells Chris Matthews Americans Should Shoot Politicians

Just remarkable -- and dangerous. Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America:

CHRIS MATTHEWS (HOST): So you’re like Sharron Angle, out in Nevada, who said we need our Second Amendment rights to control when our politicians get out of hand.

PRATT: That’s our Second Amendment rights, she’s not making that up.

MATTHEWS: So how would you use your Second Amendment rights if you didn’t like the way your congressman or senator is representing you? [...]

PRATT: By being prepared. [...]

MATTHEWS: So Larry, it’s not just the right to use guns to protect your homes, it’s the right to take on your government?

PRATT: The government has been overboard.

Meanwhile, the NRA is hiding. Because it's so tough.

  • D_C_Wilson

    So, according to this twit, John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald were just exercising their 2nd amendment rights?

    Doesn’t seem so noble when you put specific names to it.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Good point!

  • muselet

    Chris Matthews and his producers would never in a million years invite on Hardball the unbathed guy outside the courthouse who spends his days arguing with a trash can.

    Yet they do invite someone like Larry Pratt.



  • villemar

    All Seditionists should be rounded up and shipped off to a federal supermax for the next 50 years. Time to give them the big scary government (in the microcosm of a federal prison) that they most fear.

  • incredulous72

    Pratt is “Example A” in terms of there not being strict enough background checks for gun purchasers.

  • James Hubbard

    It’s probably not the ones that the Republicans want, but the West Virginia Coal Wars definitely does apply as it relates to at least some local and state level abuses. As is noted in the article, the federal government did aid the Mine Owners. It doesn’t say that they went after the federally elected politicians or any for that matter. Well, the Baldwin Felts people did go after the sheriff.

    Specifically, you want to read the Battle of Blair Mountain.

  • nicole

    Pratt and his fellow 2nd Amenders versus the “Big Bad Government” stance is outfuckingrageous, and he ought to be widely and publicly censured for his comments.

    These right wingers will be the ruin of this country.

  • Sean Richardson

    I’m certainly not advocating this as a solution, but I suspect that if twenty members of Congress had just been shot, the political conversation about gun control would be significantly different. It would certainly not be “We’ve definitely go to do something, and we’re going to get to it, at some point after the new Congress is sworn in and we all get done with our holiday vacation.”

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Ugh. Why won’t anyone explain to these nitwits how ridiculous it is, the idea that the Second Amendment is there so people can take up arms against their own government?

    We have elections. We have checks and balances. We have an independent judiciary. We have all kinds of peaceful ways to challenge, resist and change Government™ and prevent Tyranny™. That is the whole point of America; that is what makes us a “free country.” Doesn’t anyone understand that? Doesn’t anyone get that if the solution to being unhappy or dissatisfied with one’s duly-elected government, with any of its actions, or with the outcome of elections, is to violently destroy that government, murder elected officials, and replace it with an unelected regime that will serve the interests of that murderous minority, then THIS IS NOT A FREE COUNTRY?

    The day I hear anyone make this argument, viz., that the Second Amendment is there so we can use guns to protect ourselves from government and threaten to murder elected officials, during a Republican administration, is the day I’ll take it seriously. What these people are saying is exactly what Allen West’s campaign manager said back in 2010: “If ballots don’t work, bullets will.” If elections don’t go our way, we reserve the right to take office by force. If we lose, then the winners had better beware.

    It’s madness.

    • IrishGrrrl

      And it’s maddening for us to have to explain this to these loons, over and over and over.